The Shaft

The Shaft

When the express elevators in the Millennium Building, one of New York's most famous landmarks, start to malfunction and behave in erratic ways, elevator mechanic Mark Newman is sent out to...

When the express elevators in the Millennium Building, one of New York's most famous landmarks, start to malfunction and behave in erratic ways, elevator mechanic Mark Newman is sent out to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becky P (ru) wrote: This movie did a fantastic job at giving "the feels" to any viewer that watches it, but, as far as the movies story, there were too many details left out and in the end you feel as if you have missed important moments of their lives. If this movie had been an extra hour or so, it could have been an oscar-worthy film. Props to Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson.

Carlos Z (it) wrote: Unique and odd movie, sad ending

o0Jumbo0o (gb) wrote: So boring and then the film takes a complete turn into a fantasy land. Did not enjoy this.

Nate H (nl) wrote: I prefer the drugs, with them at least you know you're hallucinating.

Nick D (mx) wrote: A fever-dream of a movie in which Ruiz uses an immense bag of cinematic tricks to depict the formal social mores of several generations of European aristocrats, (Portuguese, French, Italian) in the wake of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. Sumptuous, abrupt, hallucenogenic, complex, confusing, amusing and addictive, MYSTERIES was initially shown as a TV miniseries, later cut down to a 4 1/2 hours, two-part cinema experience. Uniformly beautiful, these men and women (who are extremely difficult to sort out) drift through episodes of love, betrayal, treachery, thievery, piracy, debauchery, duels, vengeance, lying, seduction, orphanhood, war, religion --- a grand play for us to watch, and in case you miss the point, there's a leitmotif of a children's shadow-puppet stage to remind you, along with a peekaboo cinematography style that turns you into a voyeur. ,,

Virgilio L (kr) wrote: Meticulous powerhouse performance by Penn and outstanding direction that keeps the film moving briskly

Nathan B (fr) wrote: Evocative and wonderfully elliptical. Manages to seduce through a series of engaging, carefully orchestrated scenes before structurally folding in on itself. The formalism of the films two-part structure is a blindingly obvious device to express the films ruminations on memory and cinema, but it's achieved with such self-assuredness that it doesn't inhibit the film. It succeeds in achieving what it sets out to do, and quite brilliantly limns the vaguely autobiographical elements to create an end result that straddles the line between art house film and video art perfectly.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Holy Schnikees! wtf happened?! That was gotdang ridiculous! Felt cheap, lame and hollow. And what was with the terrible CGI? like seriously, it wasn't even ScyFy channel quality... And I'm sorry, am I really to believe this supposedly "super hot" assassin chick is in any way threatening, when she looks like an anemic crack-whore...? The firehose fight was awesome though...

Caitlin p (jp) wrote: the funyest movie ull ever c lol

Benjamin W (gb) wrote: One of those quintessential "story of an animal" films, where the main character is passed on from one terrible owner to another is really an examination of extremes in personality. While Balthazar was certainly a saint for putting up with so many despicable owners (I really wanted him to kick Gerard in the chest), a human with free will (i.e. Marie) ended up looking stupid when she decided to keep going back to one of the worst people I've ever seen in cinema.

Keating T (es) wrote: The film lags in the middle, but picks-up. Spencer Tracey does a fine job. I guess its worth watching, but don't pay for it..

Laura D (us) wrote: Childhood fav! Seeing humans getting along with cute little robot aliens makes me feel happy. I do not care about any flaws in the storyline. I love this movie.

scott l (au) wrote: i love this movie as if you cant tell. the movies was great.

Scott C (ca) wrote: I wonder why I gave this the rating I did. I don't remember it too well, but I think the story telling was alright and it's always a special treat to see Timothy Dalton on screen.

Jonathan R (us) wrote: I saw it once 39 years ago, and want to see it again, either on blu ray or DVD...