The Shaman's Apprentice

The Shaman's Apprentice

Scientist Mark Plotkin races against time to save the ancient healing knowledge of Indian tribes from extinction.

Scientist Mark Plotkinraces against time to save the ancient healing knowledge of Indian tribes from extinction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erik D (es) wrote: Mel Gibson going nuts on camera is a great sign that you're about to watch something special. He plays a particularly unsavory character that runs a tattoo parlor out of the back of his trailer in the middle of nowhere. Mel is busy minding his P's and Q's when suddenly his daughter contacts him out of nowhere. She's in trouble! We've found the plot! How incredibly exciting.Well, the action scenes are exciting. There are quite a few scenes that are essentially cut and pasted from other action films but Mel's rage puts each scene over the top. It's fantastic. I just wish everyone else in the film put in the same effort that he did. It was kind of a bummer to see him absolutely lose his mind and then the camera cuts to everyone else in the room and they're pretty much just chilling.I don't believe Blood Father is at all close to as good as the hype that surrounds it. For whatever reason it's already becoming a cult hit. I mean it's not bad but if you want to watch Mel in a better hidden action film, go watch Get The Gringo. If nothing else is on though, feel free to give Blood Father a chance but don't get your hopes up too high about it.

Joy M (mx) wrote: Intriguing usage of color to convey concept and emotion.

Luis C (es) wrote: Love all the musical numbers!!

Edgar C (de) wrote: One year before Andrei Zvyagintsev amazed audiences visually in 2003, Uzak restored faith in Turkish cinema in the fact that new heights could be reached. What we are witnessing here is a melancholic masterpiece. Distance is not only physical; unfortunately, personal will determines how much we allow circumstances to shape our relationships. Great reflection for modernity.97/100

Michael S (au) wrote: Plays like a bad sitcom. (Sad fact: It was such a success it was turned into a really bad sitcom.)

Melissa L (it) wrote: Romantic drama. Have to be in the mood to watch it.

Arnaud L (mx) wrote: Too long and too miserabilist to my taste.

Courtney S (it) wrote: Very good movie and very good soundtrack!

Steve G (de) wrote: Karen Allen is just not appealing to me. I would never leave dinner with the president for her. This is just really not very good at all. Quite bad, actually. The spirit at the end was nice, though.

John M (ru) wrote: This movie was a lot better than it should have been. Costner as the sick and dying brother does a good job here.

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Tamsin P (ca) wrote: Who cares about Herbie?

Andrew T (nl) wrote: Very original for its time. The gore isnt as much as I had hoped but it still is up there with the greats.

Durk C (es) wrote: This is the perfect way to develop a character driven by drama, plus a great way to storytelling the process to become a Hero, great cast, great performances, a really visionary directorand a great "origin movie" for a hero

James C (us) wrote: Don't even watch this disgraceful installment in the franchise..

Jeremy K (de) wrote: Jack O is gonna be somebody one day..