The Shaman's Source

The Shaman's Source

Three Ojibway Natives race to find a mystical ancestral spring before a ruthless industrialist claim it.

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Andrea M (kr) wrote: Stay off the internet.Husband's review: Inspiring.

Andrew H (au) wrote: Now I know why this went straight to video.

Al M (ca) wrote: A British blend of horror and comedy, Inbred tries to intervene in the backwoods horror genre in an original way but doesn't quite succeed. Twisted, brutal, and creepy in parts, Inbred is partly hindered by the fact that its gore effects are too fake looking--they generally look like SyFy Channel CG instead of ever looking real. Furthermore, Inbred's attempts at comedy always fall flat. Still, there is plenty of brutality and gore for fans that don't mind cheesy effects...

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: This film is not my cup of tea. Raven the Goth Teen Titan was once my favorite character, but not anymore, thanks Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. Raven in the Tokyo movie has become too arrogant even for me, no fun huh? it's not "Teen Titans Go!" that I'm thinking now, but "Teen Titans good riddance..."

Byron A (kr) wrote: This is hard-to-find but brilliant. Although nostalgic to The Machinist, this presents many neat ideas in a compelling, innovative way. If you're interested, I'll loan you my copy.

Niya Q (gb) wrote: You'll love the psychotic sister & the weird trio !

Randy L (gb) wrote: if you are up to the challenge and approach it with a little bit of prepartion, there is plenty of beauty and hypnotism here. but, compared to the Cremaster juggernaut, it definitely is a more open-ended, emptier universe.

Rhoda S (ag) wrote: good tail for kids and the animation is great. I knew one of the background animators and he drew a mgirl mouse in a picture frame that looks like my friend (but her ears arent that big and niether is her nose. Say Hi to Anne - look for the picture on the wall.

Ross C (ag) wrote: Very dull British drama about the Bosnia conflict yet mostly set in London.

Emily D (ag) wrote: Love this movie!!! And I usually hate love stories

Randy T (ag) wrote: As exhilarating as anything ever seen on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and it's all taking place right in your own back yard.

Anis T (kr) wrote: "The Freshman" is one of Harold LLoyd's best feature. He plays a nerdy college student who' willing to do anything to become popular on campus. But of course its no easy task, especially when the college bully humiliates him in front of the whole school. This one features one of LLoyd's best gags and an incredible finale. A great silent movie.

Brandy Y (br) wrote: BAAAAHAHAHAHA love it.

Mahesh P (mx) wrote: Overall a pretty decent movie. Story is excellent. Acting by Sohail Khan and Vatsal Seth is great. Sohail Khan is known for delivering comic relief roles, which is partially what he had in this movie. But, he is a great actor for serious scenes too. Salman Khan was good, but he didn't really have much of a role. Sunny Deol was surprisingly good. this is the second movie, after Gadar, that i can say that he wasn't completely annoying and boring to watch. of course, along with sunny deol, you get a fight. bobby deol...well i'm just glad he was only in it for a combined 2 minutes overall. preity zinta continues to prove that she is the dominant actress in the industry. She can portray any type of character thrown at her. The only downside to his movie was the horrible music. Not one song worth listening to.

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Alden S (ca) wrote: 10 out of 10:A beautiful love story with great acting.

Michael K (au) wrote: A totally different take on the Hellraiser movies, half police procedural, half psychological horror. Not much gore, not much Pinhead; but well worth a watch and a massive improvement on the train wreck that was Hellraiser IV. Hellraiser: Hellseeker next, I have a feeling it's gonna go downhill from here!

Timothy D (jp) wrote: Fantastic film Jackson brought life to this film and an emotional depth not nearly as fleshed out in its counterparts

Frank F (it) wrote: There was no need for this film in a post-Scream world.

Alejandro E (ru) wrote: Un drama de pasion y crimen que compensa su inicio lento con una dosis de suspenso que crece como bola de nieve cuesta abajo. Vale el esfuerzo.