The Shame of Mary Boyle

The Shame of Mary Boyle

During the Irish revolution, a family earns a big inheritance. They start leading a rich life forgetting what the most important values are. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael E (fr) wrote: A must see for absolutely anyone remotely interested in the voice acting industry. Good points are brought up, it knows how to keep people unfamiliar with voice acting entertained, and it is very informative and entertaining. One of the best, if not the best documentary that I have ever seen. But that's coming from a voice actor and a voice acting nut so, what do I know?

Deb K (de) wrote: This is a light little romantic comedy with Jenny Garth and Brad Rowe starring as two people whose dogs have a crush on each other and they soon fall in love themselves. But when they decide to marry, they must integrate their five children and that turns out to be a special challenge! This is a clean, sweet, funny "Christmasy" family movie.

Asilee B (ca) wrote: I wouldn't tie my worst enemy to a chair, tape their eyes open and make them watch this tripe.

Kristen R (nl) wrote: Terrifyingly honest and raw documentary that leaves you reeling. Difficult to watch some times but the importance of the truth means it's a must see. These issues cannot be ignored just because they make us uncomfortable.

Greg C (it) wrote: Carefully crafted manipulation, yes. But contained enough moments of true heartbreak, virtually defining the "jun-ai" genre.

Minna S (br) wrote: Somehow I am never able to like Minna Haapkyl though I don't have anything against her. Her roles are just... awful. This is no exceptance. It's uncomfortable to watch her. A lot of the blame goes to the script but still. Anyhow, Minttu Mustakallio was fine and the two guys in minor roles were too. The story was the kind you could watch and forget in 5 minutes.

Robert I (ca) wrote: This is an odd movie... I saw this about 16 years after it was made. The world is a much worse place now. Robin Williams killed himself and Donald Trump is on the cusp of being our next president. STEM is a good idea, but parents are going before School Boards and preaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics is a terrible idea in school, especially for young girls... So going back to a more innocent time was nice. We know in our world that these robots would've been made by Japan first and solely for sex. This movie doesn't approach sex until pretty late in the film... Nor does it touch upon the public disgust people would have if a woman openly had a relationship with a robot. Because people are horrible. History has shown this - not even long history, I'm talking about last week kind of history.So this movie is naive and innocent. There's no villain in it. It doesn't show any of the ugliness that the plot would inspire. It's purely the good of this theoretical situation in this theoretical future. And given I live in a horrible future now... Well, this optimistic view of what could be, was kind of nice.I'm giving this a good review especially because I miss Robin Williams. This movie was just one giant "I miss you" for me.

Steve R (es) wrote: Well, I'm finally getting around to the continuing the Freddy series I started about 15 years ago. I've just re-watched the first three, and this one has a similar feel to the third film and feels like the second half of that story. Like all of these, it's aged badly and all feels a bit silly now, but it's a reasonable entry in the series.

Damien F (ca) wrote: DimboolaReviewDirected by John Duigan based on a script (?) by Jack Hibberd starring Max Gilles(TM) wedding tackle (1979)Chad Morgan sings! The prosecution rests, its ears!With luck it may not be too late to round up surviving cast and crew and try them for crimes against humanity. Writer Hibberd suffered comparisons to Beckett with his extended monologue A Stretch Of The Imagination?: he was obviously taking no chances of this happening again. Rose Chong(TM)s mid 70(TM)s period costumes are the only highlight of this dazzlingly awful film. Keep Australia beautiful; don(TM)t shoot a film called Dimboola.

Kchi L (kr) wrote: Amazing acting, good (albeit historically inaccurate) story and wonderfully shot!

Dillon L (ag) wrote: a classic zombie movie

Armando P (jp) wrote: Enjoyed it more than expected, that's for sure.