The Shaukeens

The Shaukeens

Three friends in their 60s try to do everything that they couldn't do in their younger days - before death arrives.

Three friends in their 60s try to do everything that they couldn't do in their younger days - before death arrives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sammy H (fr) wrote: Slow. Unlikeable characters. Obvious scientific mistakes.

Olli H (mx) wrote: It was actually and surprisingly ok while building the suspense and wisely adding the horror elements by not showing the monsters point blank. Shame that the story falls flat after the middle and the ending is so rushed it leaves the story wide open, without any sort of conclusion or explanation. A great example of a movie where they run out of ideas.

Chris C (us) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen. If one ever sees this on the self i will tell them to avoid it. This is over four hours long of tedious documetary on a WWII experiment camp ran by the japanese on russians. It is a movie in search of an editor as this looks like some work print to a movie that has yet to be edited down for test audiences. Honestly I hope for an edited copy of this movie in the future.

Jackie N (au) wrote: i'm goin 2 see it cause i know it will be a great movie

Vanessa N (us) wrote: It's the best french movie.

Eric H (us) wrote: This movie was a fence-sitter. Was it meant to be funny? The slap-stick did not work, the jokes were not thought out, and then at the end the pretence that this was some sort of testimonial to animals who served their country? Excruciating. I don't want to fall into the trap of over analysing a cartoon, Ricky Gervais voicing was OK, but in practical terms the movie was too short (not 76 minutes by my watch, just over an hour) and when you take along kiddies you expect some sort of value for money. It really lacked the charm of Chicken Run, and the fact that several pigeons got vaporised at the beginning made me concerned about how many animal deaths there would be. And I didn't have popcorn which made it worse.

Kyle R (jp) wrote: This movie is scary if you are 12. Otherwise it's boring.

Amanda W (de) wrote: Witty, bleak, and at times poignant. If you have even a modicum of respect for the art of acting, Laura Linney and Phillip Seymour Hoffman will make your heart sing.

Michael H (kr) wrote: A festival of G-rated innuendo with the always delightful Rock Hudson. Plus the reliably fun Tony Randall and Thelma Ritter in supporting roles.

Sarah C (es) wrote: Its a B movie so everything you would expect: a storyline that rewrites history so you sit there wondering how much more you would have paid attention in History if it was true, with horrible acting and horrible costume design and makeup....which can be a deal breaker in a zombie movie.

Delicate I (us) wrote: Don't listen to the critics. If you have loved,been let down and brought back up again. Watch this.

Daniel P (us) wrote: Doesn't reveal its quality until the very end, when all that's on the table so far--friendships and family relationships, debts owed, "business" ambitions, a love affair and more--can't help but be cashed out. And what an ending. Unfortunately, though, after this many years, it kind of feels like an underfunded, underachieved Goodfellas. And if you're a De Niro fan, don't go into this thinking he's the star! I only knew a little about the movie before watching, and it took a while (maybe too long) for me to really invest in Harvey Keitel's character, Charlie, whose movie it actually is--I don't blame the filmmaker or Keitel for that though, that's my fault.

Alex J (nl) wrote: And God created Gina Lollobrigida.

James L (br) wrote: Hilarious police comedy, which was far more entertaining than I expected. There may have been a few too many F Bombs but overall this film is a great comedy ! 3 Stars

Sue B (it) wrote: 1920's Paris was a real treat to see in this silent film. The story is unimportant-- this is a visual feast!

Xialia Y (jp) wrote: One of my Favorite Movies as a kid and even now, I still enjoy this it very much. With a bewitching story line, steamy-hot & suspensful action and great cast, I am definitely going to go buy myself a copy!