The Sheepman

The Sheepman

A stranger in a Western cattle-town behaves with remarkable self-assurance, establishing himself as a man to be reckoned with. The reason appears with his stock: a herd of sheep, which he intends to graze on the range. The horrified inhabitants decide to run him out at all costs

A stranger in a Western cattle-town behaves with remarkable self-assurance, establishing himself as a man to be reckoned with. The reason appears with his stock: a herd of sheep, which he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim C (ag) wrote: Forgot to rate this, The franchise is over and not a moment too soon....

Jer H (us) wrote: This movie was highly rated on netflix so i decided to watch it even though by the look of the cover i thought it might be a chick flick. This movie was absolutely hysterical. 100% i recommend this movie if you want to watch a comedy. It's a shame it's rated so poorly on rotten tomatoes. I am certain this is because many people do not appreciate the type of adult comedy used in the film. Best way to describe the comedy is ; If you make alot of sex jokes in your personal life... This movie will be 5 stars in your book.enjoy the film, and bump up that rating. Too many offended people out there dropping the rating low. Fight back!

Claire B (ca) wrote: a movie that had me not watch another movie for a while. so bd, disgusting pointless filth. why!

Helena T (gb) wrote: the book is better but the movie is still very good

Sophia B (ag) wrote: i just love this movie

Anthony S (br) wrote: It contains an amazing beginning, but the rest doesn't truly live up to the first brutal 10 min or so. It's still damn fine movie.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: A good look at what goes on in the NFL draft. A little far-fetched and unbelievable at times, but still overall a decent movie!

Harry W (fr) wrote: Earning Denzel Washington his second Academy Award, Training Day sounded like an intense thriller. One of the first scenes in Training Day depicts the chemistry between the main two characters. The first interaction between Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke says everything about the characters' position of power. Denzel Washington's commanding line delivery comes to him at a swift rate while his higher status signifies that he is the one calling the shots. Ethan Hawke on the other hand has to think about everything he says and how to word it, tripping over his language in the process. He projects a feeling of vulnerability which contrasts Denzel Washington's fearlessness. By clarifying the relationship between the main characters early on, Training Day immediately signifies their importance to the narrative. And by doing it with such rich dialogue, the scene flows along very smoothly. This anchors a strong beginning for Training Day and isolates that characters are of key importance to the overall narrative. The characters are made to keep audiences captivated throughout the film and draw their attention away from some of the more formulaic aspects of the feature. It is worth noting that Training Day rises above the standard of the average crime thriller on the basis of its realism. In living up to its title, Training Day provides an accurate portrait of becoming a narc through capturing the intense nature of the street violence that comes with the job. Though the film is not a gun-toting action feature, Training Day finds ways to work realistic violence into the narrative without using the violence as a gimmick. It is used for key points in the character development and providing viewers a full perspective on the harsh reality of the job, helping to ensure the film maintains an intense atmosphere in its journey. Everything in Training Day carries a strong sense of style as the on-location scenery captures the gritty feeling of the crime world perfectly while the cinematography makes an effective use of intense close-ups during the slow burning scenes and wide-angled shots that help to contextualize the narrative. Antoine Fuqua's sense of style helps to keep Training Day engagin on a material level. And as the story develops onwards, we progressively see more of Alonzo Harris' corrupt activities and begin to clearly understand that he has something to hind. We are aware of some unsavoury intentions with his misuse of power which becomes more clear as the story goes on, but ultimately there are also a few issues in the credibility of the plotting which weakens the experience. When the result proves to be that he is simply collecting funds to pay off a hit from the Russian mob after killing one of their members, it really reflects poorly on the rest of the story. Not only does it prove to be a rather unsatisfactory twist, but it signifies that Alonzo Harris is not the fearless officer he claims to be as he is succesfully intimidated by someone. It's understandable that someone who takes such a carless approach to killing would be a coward at heart, but the way Training Day depicts this comes off as a little too simplistic. The errors in this plot point cobbled with the fact that everything in the film happens within a singular day which Alonzo Harris has been plotting out for a supposed week really proves hard to swallow. When the film comes to its conclusion and we see Alonzo Harris' neighbourhood no longer willing to submit to his demands despite the fact that we have little understanding of his status within the community outside of the assumption that he walks all over them as a collective group. Training Day has some strong characters but also relies on formula to carry itself while the gimmicks regarding the characters are a diversion. The extent of appreciation viewers find in the performances will determine just how much of a diversion, but it's hard to deny that much of the film follows a loose narrative. Since actual development towards the climax plays out predominantly in a series of sporadic plot points while everything around it exists mainly just to contextualize life on the streets, the overall development of the narrative is inconsistent due to its structure. At times, Training Day can't help but feel like an anthology narrative which is tied together by an exceedingly loose string. The film functions well for the quality of each individual scene, but the consclusion certifies that actual story development is not one of the film's stronger qualities.It's strongest quality is undeniably the entire reason audiences came to see Training Day in the first place; the leading effort of Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington has built a career out of portraying heroes. These range from John W. Creasy in Man on Fire (2004) to the titular civil rights activist in Spike Lee's Malcolm X (1992). In Training Day, he goes completely against type and takes on the role of corrupt officer Alonzo Harris, taking on all kinds of different personas in the process. At first glimpse he is a man of intimidating status and high ranking who has a commanding tenacity over his words, and later he raises the stakes through becoming unpredictable in where he will draw the lines. As the story gets deeper into the motives of Alonzo Harris, we see a deeper and darker side of Denzel Washington than anyone could have predicted. Denzel Washington is striking for his pure unpredictability in Training Day, and every slight change in his character's mood is taken to the full extent by the actor's extensively focused talents. Everything the man says could very well be a lie, and trying to figure out the truth behind the character is one of the most engaging things about the film. Denzel Washington grasps his leading performance in Training Day with full force, being merciless with his manipulation of the character. The man even turns it around at the climactic ending where he reveals who the character really is beneath his badge and his gun, becoming raw in the process. Denzel Washington adds multiple dimensions to the character Alonzo Harris in Training Day, and he keeps up with the segmented narrative by making it work to the benefit of his versatility as an actor.Ethan Hawke also battles to make an engaging presence, proving with excellence just how strongly he can hold his own up against Denzel Washington. Though submissive and naive at the start of the film, Ethan Hawke provides the audience perspective on the story as we view the events almost entirely through his eyes. He proves consistently intense as a police office, while effectively balancing the developed fear and anger within his character. The development of his relationship with Denzel Washington elicits some incredibly intense chemistry where the consistent changes in ther interaction test out how diverse Ethan Hawke can truly be. Luckily enough he is not only up to the challenge, but he absolutely hones the role. Ethan Hawke contributes one of the finest performances of his career to Training Day, and the level of gritty intensity in his most powerful moments are a true testament to the full power of the actor.Snoop Dogg's cameo is a perfectly convincing appearance as is Dr. Dre's, and the fact that the two hip-hop collaborators appear within the same film is strong fan service. Cliff Curtis also delivers a memorably intense scene where his raw antagonism makes a strong impact.Training Day may have a rather segmented story structure which interferes with the overall feeling of development, but with Antoine Fuqua's brilliant sense of style and a pair of remarkable performances from Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, the film delivers some powerfully engaging thrills.