The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw

The story centres around Jonathon Tibbs, the young son of a family of English gunsmiths. He travels to the American West in the 1880s to sell firearms to the locals. While there he inadvertently acquires a reputation of quickness on the draw due to his wrist mounted Derringer style weapon and from there the post of sheriff. He endeavours to clean up the town using what skills he has and by multilateral diplomacy.

A proper English gentleman, traveling in the American West, inadvertently stops an Indian attack on the stagecoach in which he is a passenger. When the stage gets to the nearest town, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (au) wrote: A light and charming comedy that may be a bit irregular and not very well focused but has some nice dialogue and good moments of humor - and along the rehearsal of Molire's work by the leads we are given a decent exploration of the nuances in the interaction between them.

Michael B (us) wrote: When I saw this movie the first time, I was expecting a clear plot, character development, and all that other stuff. Instead I got a Kafka-esque, nightmarish labyrinth of crazy. Even if you accept the idea that this movie clearly isn't meant to be taken literally, I thought it was awful. The one scene that explains anything about the main character doesn't go into nearly enough detail, and comes too late for us to care. Also, there's a girl in a bear suit. No explanations whatsoever. And yes, they do acknowledge that she's actually real and not a hallucination, which means that she kind of has to make sense in reality as well as the fantasy the film tries to construct in your mind. But she doesn't.Maybe I didn't get it the first time, because it's been picking at my brain since I saw it and I haven't been able to let it go. I'm determined to keep watching it until I figure out just what the hell is going on.

Keith M (fr) wrote: prefered the first film

Adrian D (de) wrote: this is such a cute movie

Terri H (es) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Ron G (es) wrote: Can someone give me a torrent link for this movie?

Marisa H (nl) wrote: This is my ALL-time favorite movie! Love all of it: story, chemistry between all the characters, laughing and crying, as well as awesome cast!

Sweet Poetic R (kr) wrote: hilarious...comedy.....

Cody G (ca) wrote: One of John Waynes better movies, it has a good sense of humor to it and a pretty good shoot out at the end, I dont normally like old westerns but this one was good.

Patrick B (mx) wrote: Severely misguided. Greenfield's character basically kills it.

Randy A (ru) wrote: Here is one of my favorite B movies of all time....Originally I had seen a VHS copy that my dad had copied from HBO or Cinemax or one of those late night movie channels...As a rocker myself, this one was right up my alley. The whole story line of the wanna-be rockstar, the rockstar life, the bright lights and women, you name it, it has it....I really enjoyed Shock em Dead and have recently picked up an original VHS copy and the movie poster....If you like rock and roll, you have to check this one out!!! Peace, Love and Rock & Roll,MANIACMAN32