The Shop Around The Corner

The Shop Around The Corner

Two employees at a gift shop can barely stand one another, without realising that they are falling in love through the post as each other's anonymous pen pal.

Alfred Kralik is the top salesman at a leathergoods shop in Budapest owned by the high-strung Mr. Hugo Matuschek. Kralik's coworkers at Matuschek and Company include his friend, Pirovitch, Ferencz Vadas, and Pepi Katona. One morning, Kralik reveals to Pirovitch that he's been corresponding anonymously with an intelligent and cultured woman whose ad he came across in the newspaper. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenna S (de) wrote: Impressive acting and compelling story but I probably couldn't watch it again..

Pulkit D (fr) wrote: A really mature love story....aish looks stunning in her simple look and the chemistry shared with Ajay Devgun is outstanding...a very melancholic and depressing story..

Camille L (jp) wrote: She Hate Me fait partie des films les plus exprimentaux de Spike Lee. Sorte de Bamboozled plus comique et moins en colre, She Hate Me passe par plein de genres, plein de styles sans jamais trouver rellement son identit (probablement son plus gros dfaut) entre comdie, thriller, drame... Anthony Mackie y est excellent dans le rle d'un type quasiment forc se prostituer pour garder son train de vie de yuppie, tandis que tous les seconds rles sont bons, que ce soit John Turturro qui imite Marlon Brando, Kerry Washington en mre matrone malgr elle et mme Jamel Debbouze en portier franais hilarant. Malheureusement, le film manque d'une vraie cible et d'une vraie ligne directive et malgr toutes les bonnes ides de Spike Lee et le score fabuleux de Terence Blanchard, on ne peut que constater que She Hate Me essaie de traiter plus de sujets qu'il ne le peut. Mais un rat de Spike Lee reste immensment plus intressant que 75% de la production actuelle. Du coup, dur de considrer She Hate Me comme un mauvais film, au contraire.

Tin N (es) wrote: It's true that this movie is sorta one of its kind. The ultimate plot twist at the end was a highlight. For a "thriller", though, it was not as much thrilling - when you can predict 60% of the story 30 minutes into the film.

Jonathan D (ca) wrote: What a perfect way to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek! This looked cheesy, and the premise (actors roped into an intergalactic adventure) seemed worthy of Ed Wood... but I'd heard it has a cult following, so when it popped up on Netflix I gave it a chance.It's actually a pretty adorable parody of Star Trek in which washed up actors playing the fan club circuit do get roped into an adventure - but much of the wit comes from the unlikely circumstances through which everything plays out just like an episode of Star Trek - and the spectrum of reactions that the actors have toward this. It's entirely unlike "Spaceballs". In that movie, Mel Brooks just used Star Wars as a canvas on which to put his shtick. Galaxy Quest is done from the inside - it was clearly written by big Star Trek fans who simultaneously love the show while being acutely aware of its absurdities, and who have a similar love and amusement for the Trekkies who take their love of the show a little too far.

Bront Y (us) wrote: This movie kicked off a Sam Rockwell marathon. He is my favorite actor, so I'm trying to watch his movies that I haven't seen yet. Of course, he was great in this. And I was really impressed with Mischa Barton! She was wonderful. I watched her on The OC, but she was okay in that. I had heard her performance in this was good, so i'm glad it turned out to be true. Now, the story wasn't all that interesting, but the characters were. The dynamic between the two main ones (Rockwell and Barton) was sweet but also uncomfortable. The rest of the movie didn't make much sense and was a little... jumbled? And the ending was almost fairytale-like. Overall I really liked this movie.

Erik G (nl) wrote: Fantastic, especially once you've been to some of these locations.

Ben F (ca) wrote: Atrocious film. Not for a long time has film made me... I want to say disappointed but my expectations for this film beforehand weren't high, so I will say, amazed.. Not in a good way. I am amazed that it was made. I am amazed at the level of performance by Noel clarke. I am amazed that Brian cox signed on to be in it. It is like a spotty teenagers wet dream has been put on screen. A poor mans hybrid of Bourne and limitless. An idea that could have been interesting but fails on every level. I feel sorry for everyone involved. Not least the child that appears at the beginning, giving the performance of his life (sort of) only to be met by mr clarke's monotone responses. Go see it.. Only to realise that if this film got produced. We all have a chance of writing something and getting up there on the big screen.