The Shop on Main Street

The Shop on Main Street

Slovakia during WW2. Tono lives a poor life, but the authorities offer him a take over the Jewish widow Lautman's little shop for sewing material.

Slovakia during WW2. Tono lives a poor life, but the authorities offer him to take over the Jewish widow Lautman's little shop for sewing material. She is old and confused and thinks that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The D (ca) wrote: It says 95 minutes above, thankfully its actually 74 minutes. Terrible acting, terrible script, blindingly stupid plot, if you can call it a plot. Basically it's just a plain a simple waste of time, time you will not get back. 4 students find a pot hole down to a seemingly desserted bunker. Of course they go down & become trapped. They are attacked by unknown assailants. These students are more irratating than you would expect & you just want them to die quickly. The climax attempts to leave it not quite concluded. Please let that be the end of it!

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Jayesh N (it) wrote: A German World War II prisoner of war escapes a Soviet Siberian Gulag camp, and walks 8000 miles to freedom and to be united with this family again. Quite well done. Not sure how where the movie was shot, but you get the feel of a very diverse - geographically and culturally - Russian land. Touching end, and available on Netflix.

Isaac J (jp) wrote: Swell little film. Could almost be considered a feminist tragedy if certain passages weren't so easy to wank to. The lead actress is particularly good.

Tishka F (ag) wrote: Liked the "different" on this one.

TTT C (us) wrote: (** 1/2): Thumbs Down A fun sequel that I actually enjoyed more than its predecessor. Still, there are better horror films out there then this...

alex f (fr) wrote: i really liked the story and thought bridges did a great job as the character he was trying to portray... over the top far as the way it was shot, i didnt really 'get it' as most 80's movies try to cover the 40's genre... had it been shot in the last 10 years and cluney directing it, then i would of raved about it across the board.sidenote: why is joan allen never attractive to me???

John S (de) wrote: The term "unbelievable" or "unbelievably" is often overused or misused. But with Santa Claus (Vs. The Devil), I can safely and honestly say that this movie is unbelievably stupid. And I love it! There are a few dull moments that are just too dumb to enjoy, but mostly, this movie is a must-see for any b-movie fan. You'll repeatedly find yourself shaking your head. throwing your hands up and screaming "what?!" then subsequently laughing your face off.

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HM F (es) wrote: Authentic Florida locations and a dependably rugged performance from Gary Cooper highlight Raul Walsh's Distant Drums. Although the story is pretty standard; US military must attack and then evade capture of the local Native American tribe, the Florida locations distinguish this movie from a story that would typically be the basis of a Western. The attack on the fort (filmed at St. Augustine) makes rather good use of day-for-night shooting with an explosive finale that would make you think destroyed the fort (it still stands as a national monument; Castillo de San Marcos). Allot of the trekking around can be seen to be Silver Springs and the natural beauty of the park shines through the Technicolor film.Cooper delivers another fine performance, but not really memorable in itself. More likely to catch your attention is the alluring Mari Aldon, an actress whose career never really sparked, although she certainly had the look. Richard Webb as the fresh-faced Navy Lieutenant stands out as a sore spot in the film. His character delivers a useless on-screen narration that adds nothing to the film other then to draw attention to the character. You keep waiting for him to butt heads with Cooper's Quincy Wyatt or vie for the attentions of Aldon's character, but it never happens. Neither does his character do any particularly heroic or even die to give the movie some emotional heft. His character is about as useless as John Boles' Victor in the 1931 Frankenstein. That minor quibble aside, the film is nice diversion to catch on TCM, but not really worth a purchase.

Francis M (fr) wrote: Rarely to see a short film 87 minutes by Kubrick, but powerful and moving. There are way too many anti war films made but this one stays in my memory the most.High notesDr - Stanley Kubrick Ac - Kirk DouglasPhotographyEditing.

Matt R (es) wrote: A tense thriller made all the more so by its restricted setting and great lead performance.

Tim W (us) wrote: The dialogue and character relationships easily make up for the silly special effects. Classic. Simple but effective scares. Comedy horror.

Charles P (es) wrote: Mr. Pacino is riveting in this film, possessed with a madcap dynamism to play a strange, suspicious character who is both of self-assured and self-loathing.