The Show

The Show

Cock Robin (John Gilbert) is the swaggering ballyhoo man of a Hungarian sideshow known as the Palace of Illusions. The highlight of the show is a reenactment of Salome's dance of the seven veils, replete with the beheading of John the Baptist. The performer (Renee Adoree) playing Salome is in love with Cock Robin. Jealous, sinister The Greek (Lionel Barrymore) is determined to eliminate this competition for Salome's affections.

Performers in a Budapest sideshow encounter love, greed, and murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach M (it) wrote: Jean-Claude Van Damme hasn't made a good movie in decades. He just keeps acting in cheaply made movies in Europe that has crappy acting, poor choreography and a boring story that's been done before.He doesn't look bad for his age but unfortunately he has no ability to pick a good script.Brief nudity and lousy acting doesn't make worth watching Jean-Claude Van Damme, even for nostalgia.

Jonathan E (us) wrote: After the fantastic Heisei trilogy, this one tried to reclaim the friend of children angle of the original series. While cute, the story felt like they just didn't try. Zedus has a poor origin and no focus, the fighting and mayhem is unremarkable, and the relay race for an ending is laughable instead of heartwarming.Admirable attempt, but ultimately a step back in the Gamera franchise.

Kevan O (ru) wrote: i enjoy a foreign film every now and then. =)

danela h (br) wrote: People you may know in the movie: Scott Bairstow, Eric Mabius, Donnie Wahlberg, Lisa Loeb (she?s the gal in the club who yells at Shane-took us a while to figure that one out) Evil Is?. As Evil Does. I don?t know what my sis & I were expecting when we rented this movie, but it definitely wasn?t this! Supposedly based on a true story, Black Circle Boys is a film exploring teen angst, black magic, drug use, & devil worship. I think what got to us the most is the fact that we could be considered the Black Circle Sisters (without the murding?wink wink, and drug use). It?s one of those films that we have practically forced all of our friends to watch. There seems to be a ?conspiracy? behind the film. When going to rent the movie for a friend to watch who lived in a different town, we had to go to 3 different places before we found an available copy. At one of the places the movie had been stolen, the other it was rented out. From the 1st time we rented the Black Circle Boys, we had almost sole custody of it from the place we rented from. But we did notice that there was someone else who would snatch it up whenever we couldn?t afford to rent it. I own my own copy now!!!!! YEAH!!! There are quite a few scenes in the movie that are so funny it?s hard to believe, but I?ve read many reviews that say the film is told with a disturbing level of honesty & believability. Which I just don't see myself! It?s a stupid movie really, but I love it anyway! For some reason, any movie that makes me think it should be on Mystery Science Theatre I love. At any rate, I would and do recommend checking this film out (if you can find a copy ;) !), it just might get added to your list of favorites. Why it's still on mine is up in the air.

Eric B (nl) wrote: Some great subtle, dry and very dirty sketches. Gene Wilder's bit is best.

Mike T (de) wrote: I liked it because I was an extra in the film. It was shot in the phillipines subic bay.

Phil H (mx) wrote: Probably the franchise Julian Sands is best known for...but that's probably not the best thing to shout about. I remember seeing this in the videoshop as a kid, top row, where young hands couldn't reach. It was considered a bit of a video nasty I think, to do with witchcraft, evil demons, the devil etc...not the stuff for young developing minds.First time seeing this recently and it did kinda remind me of 'The Evil Dead' a little bit. Not totally of course but the plot revolves around the good guys getting their hands on the pages of a Grimoire which isn't too dissimilar from those early Raimi flicks.The soundtrack is odd and doesn't really match the action, its kinda of quirky when it should be impending doom. A young Richard E. Grant plays the good guy but is miscast really, pretty bad Scottish accent there, at least I think its suppose to be Scottish.The only good thing about this film is Sands lets be honest here. The guy is good looking in that blonde British aristocratic Sting kind of way, he's well spoken, he looks badass in his costume and his hair looks cool I can't deny it. He merely trapes around killing people in nasty ways and that's it, with the odd bit of fancy witchcraft dialog.I liked this for being a typical crummy cheesy ass 80's horror flick. The effects look awful now, truly horrific, especially when the Warlock is flying around yikes!. I'm guessing back in the day they weren't too bad but I dunno because I never saw it back in the day. Other than that the film doesn't really hold up too well these days, it looked cheap for its time so now it looks even worse.A case of the films visuals/special effects looking so bad its cool. Whilst the acting and general feel/atmosphere of the film is darn corny nowadays, its great fun to watch hehe. Not sure why its such a cult film though.

Alan W (mx) wrote: a low budget indie musical - but not as great as some of the reviews have u think - good ending too!