The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

During a reality show a war starts, but the producer will do anything to hide it from the contestants.

During a reality show a war starts, but the producer will do anything to hide it from the contestants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wendy L (it) wrote: A nap would be a better waste of time! 2 hours and 43 minutes of no point!

Indu N (it) wrote: Very real characters and interesting screenplay.Loved many moments of the movie

Manuel S (us) wrote: Recommended for all just-married couples. It really reflects the situations that will face after the wedding as a a couple and as a family and how that problems can affect you and make the project fail.

Jim D (kr) wrote: Yeah word up, Peter Dinklage straight up says "Winter is coming" in this movie. Watched this with my mother and grand mother they'd give it a 100% rating because there's a dog in it. I'l rate it some where between the Tomatometer (93%) and audience score (62%).

Curtis W (it) wrote: One of my purchases from the US, either from Best Buy or the big-ass mail-order firm. It has everything. A blind assassin. A weird weapon. A tournament. Watched it twice, with commentary and without. Really enjoyed the characters - especially the "Thai" boxer who was about the most uncouth individual in the film. Yet when he faced his opponent in the tournament, his opponent did him one better by picking his nose while the Thai boxer did a little prayer dance. Not sure if this was a sign of disrespect or a salute. The score was also cool. Now I see where some of the little "axe throws" or whatever they were came from in the soundtrack for Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Tim K (fr) wrote: The true story of FDR's campaign against Nazi werewolves would have been a funny SNL skit but makes for a tedious film. There are only so many Polio jokes you can take.

Nolan M (jp) wrote: An movie that I very much enjoyed, considering the weak plot. The movie despite its weaknesses looks classy and creepy. Ulliel is menacing and creepy as the young Hannibal Lector. I recommend reading the book first and then see the movie.

Bradley L (jp) wrote: Really good, but not great

Naomi B (ru) wrote: Very cute and sweet.

Aaron F (mx) wrote: never see this fucking movie. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah R (it) wrote: It definitely is long, but the actors make it work.