The Showdown

The Showdown

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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:winter,   cowboy,   standoff,  

A U.S. marshal on a mission to reunite his family finds nothing but trouble after settling in a small Texas town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norma D (ag) wrote: absolutely hilarious movie! Gotta love Chapman To!

Ron C (ca) wrote: Amazing documentary. Exploration of love and family.

Slobber P (us) wrote: just when you thought it couldn't get any Dumber

John P (it) wrote: Some weird shit. This is my first foray into mumblecore, and despite my hatred for this adjective, this film can be described by one word: awkward. That, and uncomfortable. It's like a neurotic Taxi Driver. It's about this guy who can't get through one sentence without stuttering into oblivion, or apologizing into a puddle. It claims to be made in 2007, but it looks at least 100 years older than that, which is pretty cool. The director defies normal filmmaking conventions, such as eyelines, headroom, commonly accepted frame compositions, and things being in focus. These "rule-breakings" are for one of three possible reasons: 1. He knew these rules and broke them intentionally, to spite those who actually criticize movies based upon these conventions. 2. He knew these rules and broke them for an aesthetic purpose: to reflect the schizophrenic nature of the characters, and their behaviors which defy normal conventions. 3. He simply does not know normal filmmaking conventions. One could make a strong case for all three of these reasons, and I believe that if it was for reason #1, then this guy is smug. If it was reason #2, then this guy is a genius. If it's #3, then it's heartwarming. Anyway, the narrative frequently gets distracted from its stuttering main character to focus on at least three other supporting characters who do nothing but go about their daily lives. These tangents offer nothing to the main story, but I think they're necessary in order to distract us from the sheer discomfort we get from watching the main guy stutter himself into a stupor. I suppose I wasn't really ready for this type of ultra-independent filmmaking, but that's okay. I also wouldn't want to sit through this again, simply for how uncomfortable it was to watch. Seriously, this is almost more uncomfortable than Irreversible. And the only things that happen in this movie are conversations.

Erin B (nl) wrote: Great. Better than the average 'intersecting stories' movie. "If the small dreams can't come true, how will he ever believe in the big ones?" Although the line "There's more to life than music" made me REALLY sad! haha :)

Saints Row 2 is almost here (fr) wrote: this movie is fuken scary

Chris D (jp) wrote: The type of film you watch with a friend for a good laugh and to examine all the plot discrepensies and horrible acting of Tara Summers ...this movie was made in 2008, really?

Olivia B (jp) wrote: An insightful look at orthodox Jewish life in Israel.

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/24/2013)

Bill B (fr) wrote: This is a fun little independent flick made back in the early 90's when Steve Buscemi was in virtually every film on video store shelves.Ed misses his recently deceased mother, and when he's offered a chance to have her back, he accepts the offer without really considering the consequences.Fun, quirky stuff.Recommended.

Jayakrishnan R (es) wrote: 85%Saw this on 4/11/15Although the action scenes are illogical, extremely over-the-top and at times irritating, Hero has a great story with a compelling narrative and some good performances. When the film is talking about the history as such, it is interesting. Also it has a few well shot scenes of large armies and battlefronts.

Jc E (nl) wrote: An absolute masterpiece. Having just enjoyed Band of Brotherss conventional warfare during the WWII, Apocalypse Now gave me an entirely new experience by visiting the insane jungle and guerrilla warfare in Vietnam. Despite the obviously choreographed chaos for spectacular effects visually, sound wise, the horrors of war in Vietnam is many times darker and more gruesome. While WW2 was still still a time of segregation and the army was white, we see many black soldiers in the Vietnam war reminding us that time has moved forward. While soldiers fought with more purpose in WW2, the GIs during the Vietnam war fought aimlessly against chaos, madness, darkness and without redemption. Unlike WW2, the so called enemy gooksdid not wear recognisable uniforms and therefore cannot be differentiated from civilians. Consequently, indiscriminate killing of civilians resulted in extreme human tragedy and turning the US soldiers into unforgivable demons. The question of why why why were the US soldiers in Vietnam fighting who we would not consider any enemy today. The movie was a great display of American brazen stupidity and arrogant display of their gross atrocity against the indigenous natives who they massacred indiscriminately. Anchoring this awesome film was the giant Marlon Brando. His greater than life persona commanded undivided attention in the last 30 minutes of the movie. I have no idea why Martin would Kill Marlon even after acquainting himself with a man who lost faith in the US army for all the atrocities he had witnessed and experienced. Where trigger happy men have gone berserk with fear and command and control had broken down.

Jaime R (it) wrote: I can't argue that it altered history a bit too much, but I can't argue that it is a great movie either.