The Shunning

The Shunning

Beautiful Katie Lapp has always felt something missing in her simple Amish existence -- until a mysterious "Englisher" comes to Lancaster County looking for the baby girl she gave up for adoption 19 years ago.

The movie centers on beautiful Katie Lapp who has always felt something missing in her simple Amish existence. When a wealthy outsider begins asking questions about her family, Katie begins to wonder about her origins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ann n (kr) wrote: It is a very emotional movie and I loved it as a child. It gives a lot of messages. Most say the work of the artist and producer was not good enough but I have found people knowing it and searching for it for many years and it is not available, not even on DVD.

Larry W (mx) wrote: Think of it as Muriel's wedding, with an even less likable protagonist, but also less tragedy.

Tristan P (ag) wrote: Just shy of being a legitimate return to form for Lucio Fulci. An original plot, some great gore, and even a zombie attack thrown in for good measure. Fans of Fulci's late 70's/early 80's masterpieces will find a lot to like here.

Lisa S (mx) wrote: If this movie isn't on your 'cult classics to watch' list, put it there now. Yes, it's goofy. And it's also freakin' hilarious.

Dimitri P (nl) wrote: Worst remake ever, what was the director thinking?

Steve W (mx) wrote: The movie packs an emotional punch by the film's end. It has a good cast and gritty feel by director Don Siegel. Its not a must see war film, but very accessible.

Michael H (gb) wrote: A very successful movie which lays out a common sort of American "spirituality" which expects a quick return on the investment. There's secrecy and special meaning phrases involved, too. Plus kind of a creepy stalker-romance. I would call this film a pretty fascinating artifact, but it's not far off from a lot of current self-help and self-improvement methods - and bears a resemblance to some of our religions. So I guess it's fascinating both as an artifact and as a mirror.

Augustine H (jp) wrote: The narrative is a bit dated.

Brendon S (jp) wrote: Almost so bad it's good...almost.

Charles N (ca) wrote: Good action and Go Navy

Eduardo R (it) wrote: On the Road is something beautiful to watch but rather long and boring to look at.