The Shuttered Room

The Shuttered Room

In a small island off the American coast, the Whateleys live in an old mill where a mysterious bloody being creates an atmosphere of horror. After her parents get killed by lightning, young Susannah is sent to New York by her aunt Agatha, who wants her to avoid the family curse. Years later Susannah, now married, persuades her husband to spend a holiday in the abandoned mill. Once on the island, Susannah and Mike soon find themselves exposed to the hostility of a gang of thugs led by Ethan, Susannah's brutal cousin.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   fire,   inheritance,  

A series of horrific murders is traced to a creature that inhabits a very strange house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rendan L (us) wrote: As simple and thrilling as it may be Blue Ruin still suffers from clear budget constraints and a conclusion that feels a bit too wild for this otherwise grounded tale. Grade: B-

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Thomas D (it) wrote: Samurai Princess was a senseless, gory romp into Japanese storytelling. The plot was a bit off beat yet it still held solid for entertainment. The massive amounts of spraying blood and over-done death scenes are cool for awhile, but it starts to get obnoxious after a bit. There is a psychotic couple that go around murdering tons of people and making art out of the dead bodies. The main character, Samurai Princess is a Mecha, an artificial person that contains the souls of her 11 friends that died. She basically goes on a murderous rampage and kills the people who did her wrong. Very much like 'Machine Girl' or other overkill Tartan asian extreme films. Even though Samurai Princess had lots of cheesy blood and gore which i usually look forward to, the movie itself just felt very shuffled and off-centered. Much of the directing was less than expected also, very shaky camera angles sometimes make some of the scenes a pure headache to watch. The fighting was okay, but most of these "Buckets-O-Blood" Japanese slashers that i have seen lately have pretty poorly choreographed fight sequences which really draws away from action and cool factor. Also what is with all of these people with arm or leg extensions? And chainsaws??!? I guess your just not hardcore unless you've got a damn chainsaw or cannon or something hooked onto your body. Cheesy yet fun.

Geoffrey M (us) wrote: Well I finally seen it after many years (hard to believe) and it was exactly what I expected. I thought it was good but I had some problems with it especially with the ending fight.. but what more would you expect from a movie about a panda doing kung fu?

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Thomas D (it) wrote: Tim Burton doesn't usually delve into the Sci-Fi realm of filmmaking, so Mars Attacks seemed like a good deviation for him while still maintaining his style. Burton certainly does that, with sometimes satisfying and always ridiculous results.One thing it undeniably has is an unbelievable cast. Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Michael J. Fox, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Martin Short, and Danny Devito star in this insane sci-fi romp. And that's just to name a few. In some ways, this is Tim Burton's Independence Day. The story is structured in a similar way with an ensemble cast sharing the load with interweaving stories. The aliens have similar intentions but with a slightly more comedic approach and horrific special effects.I was not on board with this film for the first 45 minutes. There were far too many characters to keep track of and I didn't really feel connected to them anyway. The film also seemed to be taking itself way too seriously. But once the aliens reach Washington D.C., it turns into a completely different film altogether. So in one hand, it's an uneven directing job from Burton. But on the other hand, the change of tone midway through kind of adds to the ridiculousness of the whole thing. Either way, I enjoyed my time with this sci-fi romp.Overall, it's a charming little sci-fi project from Burton, and we haven't really gotten one of those from him since. Although the budget skyrocketed to 70 million, which is a lot for the 90's, the story feels more personal and smaller scale than the similar Independence Day. The effects are brutal and would have been better off using stop motion like Burton had originally planned. But all of this pretty much leads to a harmlessly entertaining comedy that hits more often than not.+Tonal change helps+Cast+Ridiculous-Don't really care about all the characters6.8/10

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