The Sign of the City

The Sign of the City

Teca, a late-night radio show host, uses her astrological skills to help listeners who call in for advice. But her own life feels empty and lonely. One day she makes the acquaintance of her handsome new neighbour, Gil, only to find out he is married.

While stars and planets move through the sky of São Paulo, randomly shooting their magic, men and women ask what will become of their dreams and desires. Gil is married and alone. Lydia ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christian John V (nl) wrote: What has been a good start turned to a mediocre martial arts plus hammy love story blah. I got bored.

Julian J (ca) wrote: I really like this movie. For once the plot wasn't overshadowed by the poor action. The plot twists are perfectly timed. I only wish the ending had more thought put into it.

Steph S (gb) wrote: Messed up in a really funny way. I never used to like this film the first couple of times but it grew on me. Jack Black is hilarious. I think he's so funny. He storyline is pretty good and the chracters are funny.

Caleb C (au) wrote: The scenes in this film. My god. A personal favorite.

Charles P (ca) wrote: The Beginning is a grisly horror movie. And a middling one at that, lacking the mature religious subject matter of the original.

Drew H (fr) wrote: For a telemovie it was great.

Mike N (de) wrote: I do not agree with such low ratings, this is a really good story/movie, the remake was terrible though.

Adam K (fr) wrote: hooray for these films!

Julian T (br) wrote: As far as 50's monster movies go, this is pretty good. For its time, these special effects where crazy awesome. As they stand now, they still look pretty good as far as stop-start animation is concerned. The acting isn't great, but it isn't terrible either. Tobey plays the same womanizing, cigarette smoking d-bag he played his entire career, and comes dangerously close to date-rape in several instances. Pacing is a bit of a concern, as the plot dwindles for the entire middle of the film, but picks up quite a bit towards the climax. A couple scenes actually manage to be fairly frightening; the first scene on the submarine first and foremost. A major drawback for me was the narration of the film. It just instantly removes you from any sense of realism. The script is also a gripe as alot of the dialouge seems pretty forced. In addition, the romance angle between Domergue and Tobey doesn't add much to the story and its clear that neither actor enjoyed having to lock lips with the other. When all is said and done, this isn't a great movie, but it is solid. Its also quite apparent the influence that this movie had on later films, and for that, its should be considered a classic.

jay n (ag) wrote: A little hoky but Judy and Gene make a good team.

Avi S (mx) wrote: It was good, but they never gave Dane Cook's character a fitting end he just kinda gets mad and then we don't see him again. This is the only time Steve Carell has ever been a jerk in a movie other then Burt Wonderstone

Hans H (es) wrote: Saw II may not be as clever as its predecessor when it comes to direction, but it still provides the same tension, mistery, and the inventive traps that helped defined the original's status. A worthy sequel.

Erin D (fr) wrote: it's very long, but it's one of those fantastic films that makes you feel every emotion.