The Signal

The Signal

A horror film told in three parts, from three perspectives, in which a mysterious transmission that turns people into killers invades every cell phone, radio, and television.

A horror film told in three parts, from three perspectives, in which a mysterious transmission that turns people into killers invades every cell phone, radio, and television. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rohit R (ca) wrote: The general consensus of Yudham Sei: "An edge of the seat thriller." I agree with the choice of words. I was actually on the edge of my seat contemplating on walking out of the theatre. That was thrilling, compared to the film. Yudham Sei is self-indulgent pretentious garbage that I wouldn't watch even if I was to get paid for it. Homeless beggars would rather sleep on the streets than sleep in an air-conditioned theatre that screens the film. Director Mysskin has tried too hard to make a powerful film by playing with the audience's emotions. With the film he shocks, provokes, inserts twists, milks sentiment as and when he wishes. The lead character is J.Krishnamoorthy. He runs fast, he takes on eight people with a penknife and wears leather shoes. The man is labeled as a "good" guy. That's how the central character of the film is written. He has hardly any depth. All you know is that he is "the best police officer" and that he wants to find his kidnapped sister. How are we to understand him and his wants? He is glorified by making every other character around him seem insensitive. This is the limit of Mysskin's talent. He might be able to capture and invert beautiful shots of cobwebs, cardboard boxes, watermelons, snakes, skies, lampposts and water, in various colors of light, but a consummation of all that doesn't qualify as a film. It's no more than a power point presentation of google image search results. You know right from the beginning that it's a talented crew and they could be good at what they do. Unfortunately, they're in the wrong hands. Mysskin uses them in all the wrong ways. He has an eye for detail but not the honesty of an artist. He goes to the extent of making a direct reference to Rashomon by using the film's name. It wasn't a tribute or a token of appreciation; it was a shameless attempt at letting the audience know that he's someone with international exposure to films. As if we've forgotten about him not giving credit to the original material that Nandalala was adapted from. Mysskin has low self esteem, he doesn't have faith in his script and therefore he tries to get the music to drive the film. Newcomer K certainly has talent but it's the truth, everyone has to start at the bottom. The screenplay is laughable. It's so horribly contrived. Half the story is narrated by a nearly dead man who laughs and drinks despite having two bullets lodged in his intestine. The characters keep doing things that are out of character. Mysskin, the director should never hire Mysskin, the screenwriter again. From Mysskin's films, it's pretty obvious that he's a film-maker only because he wants to be one, not because he enjoys making films. It's shabbily overdone and the visual metaphors just make it worse. Yudham Sei is like eating a burger filled with just mayonnaise. You're going to feel like throwing up. I could write another thousand words about why the film sucks so hard, but I'm going to spare you of that. It's poison. Stay away from it. Rating - 0/10

MeLany C (us) wrote: Better than the english versions.

Russell G (ru) wrote: This is only a moderately fun buddy-flick that suffers from several flaws. It has an overly predicable plot, lack of character development, poor editing, and bad direction. The cast of Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson holds great potential, but it does not live up to the billing. There is not much meaningful content after it waddles around a clumsy start. With the flip of a switch, two bickering main characters seem to have an instantaneous friendship, which is notably weak character transformation. When it finally gets going, there is only one big chase scene and one typical fight scene. Poof, then the movie ends. The good stuff is completely rushed. It kills any chance of build quality characters, relationships or interesting situations. While it lacks skill, it does strike a good balance of comedy and action. The stars keep it from totally tanking, but even with them, the whole thing comes off as an uneventful movie. It will pass the time, but Murphy and Wilson deserve better material than this and so do the viewers.

Corey n (br) wrote: What a horrible horror movie. The acting is bad, the story is even worse and the F/X sucks. I am not sure why actor Robert Guillaume even agreed to be in this. Do not watch this. It sucks.

li b (ca) wrote: I finally saw this movie, though I had confused it with The Big Easy since I remember my parents talking about both of those films around the same time.It did keep my attention all the way through, but I thought the killer should have been (SPOILER ALERT) the mama.Also, I wonder if Al Pacino's character was supposed to be a dark horse/badass 80s hero, or more of a neo-noir antihero, since actually he was a real dick. We didn't think Ellen Barkin should have taken him back so easily...any of the times she did it...But at any rate, entertaining enough.

Janalynn T (it) wrote: Love this movie! Rented it all the time when I was younger. Really wish it would come out on DVD!

Gareth D (jp) wrote: Cracking anti-war movie. Gripping, compelling and uncompromising.

Jake P (es) wrote: Not the best of the Shaw Brothers, but still entertaining and memorable.

Jonathan P (us) wrote: Woody Allen can be fantastic and though his early film Bananas has some laughs the story never flows smoothly. Keep an eye out for a young Sylvester Stallone as a subway thug.

Don K (fr) wrote: This may have been cutting-edge for 1970 but this snoozer certainly did not pass the test of time. Couldn't wait for it to end. I have no doubt it is factually correct. Having read At Dawn We Slept, I know the FDR administration dropped the ball in a big way. This picture does a decent job of illustrating that aspect, but it skips all over the place....and the battle scene dragged on endlessly.

Connor G (ca) wrote: While a decent enough movie in it's own rights, I had the unfortune to watch with a bunch of unappreciative, uneducated louts.

Maddy C (br) wrote: A refreshing take on a film about rock and roll that doesn't make you want to smash up a guitar by the end. Almost Famous makes you think, laugh and cry. Its a excellent portrayal of real life rock and roll bands in the early 70s. A must watch for any movie fan.

Nate S (fr) wrote: this movie is the definition of dumb fun

Ben T (nl) wrote: A great animated film that has a great voice cast, a good story, and terrific animation. It's one of the best films by Blue Sky and it's a must-see for fans of animation.