The Singer Not the Song

The Singer Not the Song

A Roman Catholic priest defies a Mexican bandit whose gang kills villagers in alphabetical order.

In a small Mexican town, a Catholic priest and a local bandit clash, but the brave priest ultimately wins the outlaw's respect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robbie T (es) wrote: With a same gimmick as "Buried" (some said that the production of "Brake" is even eariler than "Buried"), "Brake" tries to offer a more "commercial" plot. However, the story, especially the 2 plot twists, are pretty dumb.

Carlos M (es) wrote: The complete mess of a plot tries at every cost to be a smart-ass comedy filled with an offbeat humor that, apart from a very few inspired moments, is simply embarrassing - as we can see, for instance, from an awful aracnicide joke in the movie's ridiculous last hour.

Todd G (kr) wrote: Italian movie about infamous master criminal Renato Vallanzasca. A little overly macho with his sex appeal seemingly as exaggerated as his violence. Biography runs a little overly long, especially in the opening half that lays out his crimes and early time in jail. In the end, still a pretty good story.

David P (nl) wrote: All the acting ability of a cheap porno, but with guns and explosions instead of sex.

Countess N (jp) wrote: You are made to believe the story is going to be way more exciting than it turns out to be.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: Amazing and Amsuing. Dark, yet Hopeful. The depressingly corrupt government vies with a socially responsible electric company that invests a lot just to get Georgians to pay their electric bill before being forced to leave by their investors. And this is the country that Russia just invaded.

Marc B (ru) wrote: If there was anything good about the first one, I'd certainly had it acid flushed out of my brain after watching this one.

Jason A (gb) wrote: A weird soup: this is what would happen if you crossed the gritty early 80s New York flavor of Ferrara's 'Ms. 45' with the 'American Ninja' movies. Basically, a ninja/martial arts guy is murdering Tom Berenger's strippers and it's up to him to stop the killing before Billy Dee Williams puts him in the slammer. I think Ms. 45 v. ninjas would've been a better idea for a flick, but this wasn't a bad deal.

Hesham A (kr) wrote: It's a unique comedy wrapped in Psychology to talk about Police Corruption. Gian Maria done one of the most amazing roles & the music was sort of cartoon one by Ennio Morricone

Mark D (es) wrote: Probably Hawks's best: the greatest pilot film ever made. It perfectly captures that world of an airport in an exotic locale.

Alonso H (es) wrote: Me parece la mejor pelcula de Batman. A m parecer, Val Kilmer es el que mejor ha interpretado a Wayne de todos los actores, adems los villanos como Dos Caras y El Acertijo me parecen bastante amenos, destacando la introduccin de Robin. Tal vez las escenas recortadas le hubieran dado ms valoracin, pero para m siempre ser la mejor. Lo mejor de Schumacher en s :)