The Singularity Is Near

The Singularity Is Near

Computer avatar saves the world from self-replicating microscopic robots.

Computer avatar saves the world from self-replicating microscopic robots. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MAX C (ca) wrote: lol, the two brothers are funny. Good practice with prior film: The Cookout & Steppin!

Gabriel H (de) wrote: Pretty bleak film, certainly not something you can 'enjoy' but certainly something you can appreciate. The psychology of the main character and her plan is interesting and you really don't know what she's going to do, and there's a lot left in limbo at the end which leaves it a bit unsatisfying, but then again the film's purpose isn't ever to give the viewer what they want to see. Quite well made, well acted and well observed, just a bit numbing!

Rosanna Y (au) wrote: Wonderful cast. Quirky yet still too predictable.

Tim H (es) wrote: Soso flick from Carpenter. It was designed to be a pilot for a proposed tv series but this film is all that ever came of that. As such it plays like a poor man's Twilight Zone. Carpenter shows up in front of the camera as well as the morgue attendant who introduces each story.

Arnita W (nl) wrote: This is ONE of my favorite movies!!!!

Erik D (jp) wrote: Great adaptation of the play, keeping the best of its theater ancestory while expanding into the many possibilities the screen offers for a further dimension.

Richard H (de) wrote: The problem with this film starts with the fact that Newman is about six inches shorter than Marvin, and that any shot that has them standing next to each other puts the shorter Newman upstage from Marvin. Whazzup with that?

Lenard K (ag) wrote: Bengali newspaper publisher is betrayed by those around him. Satyajit Ray movie that unfortunately is a bad transfer and needs better subtitles. Might have been an OK movie but hard to follow, and the constant noise of tape hiss on a DVD release really gets annoying.

Jose Luis M (gb) wrote: Pelicula de terror serie B , a pesar de sus limitaciones logra una atmsferagtica y escalofriante destaca el gran actor Peter Lorre.

Andy T (ag) wrote: Bringing back the adventurous thrills of Raiders and ditching the slow parts and bad character that Temple of Doom contains, The Last Crusade benefits from the well-known pulse-pounding sequences and the great chemistry between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.