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The Sister-In-Law


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Timm S (ag) wrote: If Treated More As A Comedy-Satire It Is Actually Full Of Some

Gaspar O (it) wrote: The funniest part of this film is the name of the great Greek warrior, Testiclees. We also have Janitorius, Milfia, Pervius and a black midget named Minoritees. Oh, and let's not forget Testiclees' retarded cousin named "Testiclees Little Cousin". Obviously it's National Lampoon, so we're not looking for Oscar material here, but some kind of humor would have been good. Ya, there's boobs and dildos and lots of sex jokes and gay jokes, they just weren't very funny. I laughed a few times, briefly, mostly at King Erotic, especially when he called for Testiclees. Generally, it was too dumb to be funny.

Stephanie B (nl) wrote: Not even for Kellan could I finish this.

Alice S (ru) wrote: This ambitious pastiche musical is perhaps just too avant-garde - trying to fit so many Beatles songs and tropes into a cohesive, motivated story about war, class, love, politics, (and failing in a narrative sense) - but dang it all if those crazy, trippy symbolic scenes and performances don't just make you want to have whatever Julie Taymor is having, whether sex, drugs, or rock and roll. Jim Sturgess is the most soulful of down-and-out bums, and it's disappointing that he hasn't gotten more high-profile jobs.

Andy G (au) wrote: This is my favorite film because there are lots of laughs you'll find, but is short.

Steve W (fr) wrote: Even though its filmed in Vancouver but pretends to be in Seattle, a nostaglic action flick that feels like one of Van Damme's movies from the 80's. It has crazy extended action set pieces, a rugged cop played by Michael Rooker, and JCVD playing a long haired serial killer and his genetic double. The script doesn't take itself into ludicrous territory by having too many fight scenes, and it has a little bit of depth and lots of unintentional humour. A decent action flick for a quiet night in.

Joshua B (ag) wrote: One of Sci-Fi pictures decent ones.

Conrad T (br) wrote: Unexpectedly GOOD. Heart pounding with laughs. JJ Abrams's name is in this movie although he is not the director. Probably the producer or script writer. This 2001 movie is better than a lot of recent movies.

Joshua M (it) wrote: I love this movie. I've watched it a hundred times.

Jason A (kr) wrote: Entertaining, low-budget indie about a black lesbian (likeable Cheryl Dunye, more or less playing herself) trying to make her first film as well as find a stable relationship.

John B (nl) wrote: Call it "not-bad" Egoyan. He's figured things out better in later films. Here he seems to be experimenting more than trying to create a masterpiece.

Gandikota A (mx) wrote: An exhilarating and dazzling, if somewhat safe (the ending) ride.

Rebecca M (kr) wrote: Haha great movie! Funny but has some scary moments.

Cameron F (nl) wrote: Overweight mall guard saves the day from armed thieves. Clichd and stupid.

Johnathon W (mx) wrote: Superb political thriller that takes an honest & hard look at the use of military drones. The cast is superb across the board, with Helen Mirren giving a commanding performance as Col. Powell, who will get her target no matter the cost, while the late, great Alan Rickman brings gravitas as a seasoned general well aware of the costs of war. Aaron Paul also brings a nice bit of humanity & professionalism as the drone pilot with the dreaded job of having his finger on the trigger. Behind the camera, director Gavin Hood & writer Guy Hibbert craft a taunt thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout while delivering a timely political message. The debate is quite balanced on both sides, pointing out the the political & human fallout of acting or not acting against a terrorist cell (as one character states, "If we kill one girl, the terrorists win but if they kill 80, we win"). They also show off some a the cool technology (much of which is quite real), showing how these decisions are made by people thousands mile apart all across the globe and doesn't cop out with the ending, which has real consequences. Overall, one of the best political thrillers in years, along with being one honest debate on current military drone policy.

Muffin M (es) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray.