The Six Million Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar Man

Colonel Steve Austin, astronaut and test pilot, is badly injured when he crashes while testing an experimental aircraft. A covert government agency (OSI) is willing to pay for special prosthetics to replace the eye, arm and both legs he lost in the crash. Highly advanced technology (Bionics) built into them will make him faster, stronger and better than normal. In return they want him to become a covert agent for the OSI. It will cost $6,000,000 to rebuild Steve Austin.

The movie centers on Steve Austin, a test pilot, almost killed in a crash, who is rebuilt using bionics and equipped with nuclear powered bionic limbs and implants in order to become a superman who works for the American government on top secret missions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Demetrio C (br) wrote: A man rebuilds his life and a boat after the tragic loss of his family. Great cinematograph but the flick seems like it is missing something. Seems boats are a thing for lonely folks to build their lives.

Kristina K (ag) wrote: OK, I'm motivated and hopeful, LETS GO!

Ibraheem M (nl) wrote: The film's emphasis is on the loss of innocent people where it is excellently executed, however, the performances were poor and not enough to cover the emotion required.

Jen G (de) wrote: great, disturbing movie.

Greg R (us) wrote: Richard Linklater's shortest feature film is probably one of his best. It's witty, romantic and insightful that tells a wonderful romantic story without following any cliches in any other romance films.

Louis S (jp) wrote: Amazing acting. Amazing cinematogrophy

Jacky L (us) wrote: this sex farce had its funny moments granted but i have laughed harder during some pedro almodovars. .. which sister would you? strictly for this movie alone, violetta hands down. (sorry penelope)

Kyle E (ca) wrote: Here is the purest and most eloquent expression of Tim Burton's reoccurring 'outsider' theme to date. I could do without the reflective framing device (mainly due to the frankly unsettling old version of Kim, both in terms of acting and make up), but the film succeeds hugely as a tender modern fairytale. Danny Elfman's heartbreaking score also deserves a special mention.

Stephen G (us) wrote: I can't believe I actually found this on YouTube after years of searching. Young Spielberg shows that he already had command of the medium of film at an early age. Should be required viewing for all film students.

Sara C (mx) wrote: Really funny a great watch

Ville H (mx) wrote: Olipa paska. Huonoja vitsej, vaikkakin mukana monta hyv koomikkoa. Ei tm naurattanu ees hyvll tahdolla.

Scott H (ru) wrote: This is one of the greatest films ever made. Period.