The Six Wives of Henry Lefay

The Six Wives of Henry Lefay

A presumed-dead man's current wife and former wives squabble over his funeral arrangements.

A grieving daughter tries to arrange her father's funeral, while putting up with all of his ex-wives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dian Maya L (br) wrote: Amazingly easy to watch. Reminded me of After Sunset - Before Sunrise kind of movie.

Jacqui K (jp) wrote: Hilarious for an aussie movie. Was a bit sceptical at first cos generally (aussie movies suck) but this one was awesome. Abe does a great job!!

Johnny L (au) wrote: Zooey is great as always, and the story is raw and real.

Private U (fr) wrote: Used to watch it repeatedly. Story is very smart. I love the bike scene. It cracks me up everytime I watch it.

Sara (mx) wrote: This is the 4th Haneke movie I watched, after the third I told myself that would be the last, but somehow I could not help myself. I don't know why, because they often left me feel even worse than I did before pressing 'Play Movie' but its certainly far more interesting that the usual dull Hollywood movies. There seem to be a theme: lack of communication in society, effects/role/importance of Media, isolation which often results in a violent backlash by the individuals. There are some very very slow bits in this film, like watching a guy hitting ping pong balls for over 3:00 minutes... but at least the film won't go under the list of films I forgot after a week.

Andres G (de) wrote: La vi de nuevo ayer y la volvi a amar. Maravillosa muestra de cine y narracion colombiana de la mano de gente talentosa y bien intencionada. El reflejo del alma nacional y la lucha de clases llevada con humor y mamadera de gallo pero con respeto y altruismo. Una oda a la dignidad de un pueblo mamado de que le pongan la pata. Ahi esta su hijueputa casa pintada!

David B (nl) wrote: This film has gotten better with time and i have upped my original rating by half a star.Pacing, script, acting and the Bernard Herrmann score are all spot on. One of my top three Hitchcock films (Psycho and Vertigo being no2 and no1) this was heavily rejected by critics because of its psychological pretensions. However the psychology is quite well done with Tippi Hedren's role that of a disassociated woman very well crafted. Her personailty and cool character perfect for the part. Connery does well against type in a role coming very soon after his first Bond film.Hitch goes more psychological here as a story of the effects of childhood sexual abuse slowly unravel. Some great set pieces and interesting use of rear projection in the horse riding scene. It all adds up wonderfully and Hitchcock bravely put this on the screen when it was taboo to do so. Tippy Hedren is Melanie Griffiths mother in non movie life.

Gordon H (nl) wrote: An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride!Originally Written on May 1, 2014--"Zero Dark Thirty" is a damn fine film. It very much deserves all of the accolades that it has been praised for. Jessica Chastain in particular gives an incredibly powerful performance as Maya, the lead CIA investigator charged with the impossible: finding Osama bin Laden, the criminal mastermind behind 9/11 and many other cowardly terrorist attacks against the U.S., and bringing him to justice. For almost ten years, Maya searches for a needle in an incredibly frustrating haystack with little to no success. But when she finally makes a major discovery that turns out to be the game changer she's been searching for, a change in the administration may take it all away. An incredible film!

Anthony T (it) wrote: Funnier than most Hollywood films