The Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key

A hospice nurse working at a spooky New Orleans plantation home finds herself entangled in a mystery involving the house's dark past.

When Caroline Ellis takes a job in Louisiana's bayous, she unlocks a deadly secret in a huge Louisiana mansion where she works in. The spirits haunting the mansion are evil and are manipulating the living to fit their desires, and Caroline herself is at the center of one of their sinister schemes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rowena C (de) wrote: inspiring , dances jz dun hv d 'wow' factor

Craig B (jp) wrote: Miracle at St. Anna follows the story of Hector Negron, a mild-mannered postal worker and WWII vet who suddenly goes postal when a customer tries to purchase stamps from him. During the ensuing murder investigation, the police find a valuable Italian bust that has been missing since 1944. This bust becomes a catalyst, the key that opens Hector's painful memories about being caught behind enemy lines, about an Italian boy who could speak with angels, and about payback 40 years in the making. I've been a Spike Lee fan for a long time, and when I saw the preview for this movie, I was ecstatic. A Spike Lee war flick! The idea was tantalizing. I thought, "Here's a man who's willing to take a chance, to step outside of his comfort box and tell us a unique story, a vision of WWII we've never seen before." Unfortunately, Spike Lee wusses out and delivers us an old message in a shiny new package. How can the director of the topically prescient Do the Right Thing and the monumental Malcolm X make such a crap-laden bomb? I'm still struggling to come to terms with it. Here's my take. In the past decade, Mr. Lee's made a series of so-so cinematic concoctions; In a desperate attempt to recapture the lightning he once held so firmly in a bottle, he's started borrowing from himself. But he's lost his touch. His unique mixture of explosive emotion underpinned by patient storytelling is gone. The racial tension that was so deftly balanced in Do the Right Thing is unpleasantly simplified in St. Anna. The epic vision that saturates every frame of Malcolm X has, in this film, been reduced to an unsatisfying series of pretty pictures. The rich characters that inhabit so many of his films are dumbed down, borrowed wholesale, and inserted straight into 1940's Italy. It seems there's no need for historical tweaking. Instead of personalities who favor us with epiphanies, we get stereotypes who expose us to their purposes. And believe me, with Miracle at St. Anna, Spike is aiming for an epiphany. The result? Pretentious. Histrionic. Episodic. Lame. And deeply disappointing. With a running time of 2 hours and 40 minutes, it feels like 5 hours. You'll feel every excruciating minute.

Mikko R (kr) wrote: huhhuh mit kuraa. ylinytelty ja amatrimist puuhastelua. itse tarinassa olisi ollut aineksia muuhunkin, mutta soppa on poltettu pohjaan ja pahasti.ainoa hyv puoli on elokuvan siedettv pituus. jos olisi kestny minuutinkaan enemmn, niin olisi jnyt kesken.

Kevin M W (de) wrote: Its another decent courtroom thriller, this one about jury tampering, that's about as formulaic and manipulative as they come. The cast saves it, almost acting as if it were all believable. Hackman serves up his enjoyable bad guy yet again (it hasn't got old yet, though Lex Luthor's my personal fav) while Hoffman shines as the knight in shining armor (as a knight should ... in the dreamtime).

Sharon Doug W (es) wrote: Holy cow what a cheesy piece of crap. No one in the useless film should have been ever allow to work again . This movie was essentially a saved by the bell episode lengthened into a movie. Except twice the cheese.

Rawballs B (kr) wrote: It's not that so bad. It can be called as an "okay" suspense/thriller film...

Chris K (ca) wrote: Scott Baio and Willie Ames turn in their best work in this science fiction tale of teen lust and telekinesis.

Joanna G (es) wrote: about as good as the real paranormal activity and the girl with the dragon tattoo put together

Evan D (jp) wrote: I've always been a fan of Zemeckis, and Gaiman did such a great job of translating the feel of Beowulf to the big screen. the voice acting was also superb, along with the visuals. overall, this was a breath-taking look at a literary classic, even if some of the character animation is lacking.

Ryan J (ag) wrote: Danny lives in his dead mothers home with his brother Nicky, both are junkies but Danny is trying to break the habit, which is very hard when Nicky is begging and pleading for Danny to ring someone up to score. The film is original and pretty whacked out in its depiction , it has some interesting moments and it's a decent trip into the mind of someone trying hard to break the habit but has temptation and a fucked up family trying to ruin him. Very bleak comedy. Interesting.

peter m (br) wrote: this was magic to a ten year old and for its time the effects were remarkable a forerunner to many moneyed worse films of this genre eg clash of the titans.

ruuudager S (mx) wrote: it took my nickel/hart

Mike S (nl) wrote: This is a decent Star Trek: The Next Generation film that feels like an extended, big-budget TV episode. There's nothing particularly significant at stake as Picard and crew help out a small colony of technology-avoiding pastoralists against an alien-Federation alliance that wants to re-locate them because their planet has valuable properties. Picard's actions are in defiance of Federation orders, hence the film's title. There's some action, there's some romance, there's some humour as our heroes experience a certain energy the planet has to offer. The film takes few risks, but it doesn't make any major mistakes, either.

Roberta D (ru) wrote: I'm so in love with this movie right now!

Alex B (fr) wrote: Slapstick humor, pranks, and fart jokes: comic relief in a society in which everybody is trying to screw everybody else, in the living hell of bourgeois society.