The Skin I Live In

The Skin I Live In

A brilliant plastic surgeon creates a synthetic skin that withstands any kind of damage. His guinea pig: a mysterious and volatile woman who holds the key to his obsession.

Surgeon Robert Ledgard is successful in cultivating artificial skin burns and insect bites resistant, yet he said he has been tested on mice, which he called "GAL". He presented his results in a medical symposium, but he was forbidden to continue his studies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luca D (kr) wrote: Solo il capitolo finale vale tutto il film!

Angelo Dean B (ag) wrote: 3 Stars! Extremely Funny and Unique too.Old guys beating zombie bottom down. A bit biased too I'd say, the zombies move slower than the old dudes. Very funny!45% from the audience? That's cold.For me its 3 Stars / 60%

Pete G (fr) wrote: Alrite film based on a true story

Jared S (nl) wrote: A straight to DVD film and something my step-dad borrowed. It was OK overall, just something to pass the time.

Mark N (gb) wrote: Not as fluid as Naked Gun but still it throws a high rate of puns per minute at you and if just one lands the next few carry on the good will. Certainly everything you came to expect of Nielsen's slapstick era and certainly not his finest hour but still plenty of fun. A wide range of gags keep the smiles if not laughs coming and worth a watch.

dominic j (es) wrote: very underrated but superb especially Halle Berry and Jessica Lange supported with stellar supporting cast.

Charlie G (mx) wrote: A powerful Russian leader threatens nuclear war.First half of the movie concentrated on mental conflict with the Captain and XO.Then an incomplete message comes in. Cut off from all contact a nuclear decision is between the Captain and XO. Well done actually.

Makar Y (br) wrote: Good idea for a movie - the acting was little bit - meh. All movies which are shot in 3 rooms exactly have a tendency of being boring, unless you can spice things up.