The Sky We Were Born Under

The Sky We Were Born Under

An astronomer is forced to leave the city where he lives in order to save his relationship. He ends up returning to the place he never intended to come back: The small town where he was ...

An astronomer is forced to leave the city where he lives in order to save his relationship. He ends up returning to the place he never intended to come back: The small town where he was ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig L (ru) wrote: Best Film I've seen all year

Henrysmovieguide C (mx) wrote: One of the best Marvel movies. Well acted and a good underdog story. The villain is well played by Willem DaFoe.

Zach M (es) wrote: Another fun animated Scooby-Doo movie. Frank Welker and Matthew Lillard are Scooby and Shaggy.They investigate a school for magic. Lots of fun and we get to meet Velma's sister Madelyn.

Russell G (it) wrote: Decent doc on the rise of what has to be one of the worlds most popular swing clubs. It was nice to see that it was as disgusting as I imagined such a place to be. Not morally, but literally filthy with stories of people getting crabs just by sitting on the furniture. Bleach! Anyways, it's not a revolutionary documentary, or an educational one, it just sort of goes on rather passively. Which isn't a great sign for a any type of movie really.

Matthew H (br) wrote: aren't we over this stuff already??

Ben K (de) wrote: Watching the previews of Thor, anyone would easily dismiss it as yet another fantasy film churned out by the Hollywood machine chock-full of big budget special effects and minimal plot and character development. Avatar and 2012 come to mind. But this is not the case with Thor. The viewers will find themselves caring about the fate of the characters and the fate of Asgard and Earth as well.The hero of the story, enthusiastically played by Chris Hemsworth, is a perfect balance between the testosterone-fueled warrior eager for battle and the kind medieval mortal (when he loses his abilities on earth). His love interest, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), is actually convincing as a character, mostly due to Portman getting acting lessons for Black Swan and carrying them over to Thor. The king of Asgard, Odin, is a powerful force to be reckoned with played by none other than Anthony Hopkins.Asgard, Thor(TM)s home planet, is a lavish, beautiful world comparable to the moon Pandora in Avatar. The portal from Asgard to Earth (and other worlds) is literally a rainbow bridge that could be described as nothing less then visually stunning and awe-inspiring. The camera work in the natural shots of the CGI world of Asgard bring us from the underwater depths to the jaw-dropping structures of the mountains, giving us beautiful perspective of this colorful world.Thor proves to be an exceptional beginning to a franchise just waiting to happen. Most characters are engaging and diverse, the CGI is wonderful, and the villains are spine-tinglingly invigorating. The overused, stereotypical battle-heavy dialogue can be eye rolling-inducing, but as the film concludes, it will leave you begging for the sequel just to see the fate of Thor and Foster.

Antonio N (es) wrote: The first few minutes it was end game for this film.

Chris K (us) wrote: nice story and very realistic characters.A very good movie related to football.

Stephen L (fr) wrote: I've always been fascinated by how nationalism affects social identity and this movie is an interesting and charming take on that. The premise alone is amusing but everything about the movie is great and I think I know what the secret is: it walks the line between drama and comedy to a tee, never taking itself too seriously which is a flaw is so many movies. Even if it's in German, it's so universal and the theme is that of global unity. All you need to enjoy this movie is an open mind to foreign films and maybe a tiny bit of knowledge about The Berlin Wall and its history.

Joe C (de) wrote: z z z z z z z z z................ zzzz.........

The J (fr) wrote: Pretty humorous independent film. The story is stupid but its suppsoed to be.

Aki K (nl) wrote: Pesee muuten 99% nykyajan autoleffoista. Ei niill tietokoneanimaatioilla kovin kummoista jlke saa aikaiseksi. Tervvpiirtoversiona 60 luku suorastaan piirtyy olohuoneeseen.

Steve M (fr) wrote: Bloody Pit of Horror (aka "A Tale of Torture" and "Crimson Executioner") Starring: Mickey Hargitay, Walter Brant, Luisa Barrato, and Ralph Zucker Director: Massimo Pupilo A photographer (Zucker), writer (Brant), and their publisher/editor head with four sexy models and a production assistant (Barrato) to a supposedly deserted castle to take racy pictures intented to illlustate the covers of horror novels. It turns out, the place is not deserted, but is the home of a body-builder (Hargitay) who has retreated from the world, and who wants nothing more than to live life alone... well, alolne aside from the trio of professional wrestlers (who dress like pirates) that share the castle with him. Soon, people start dying, as the restless ghost of the Crimson Executioner is unleashed upon the world again. This is one of those "why ask why?" movies. As in, "why ask why these people caravaned for days, hauling all that photography equipment AND darkroom equipment (including paperstock and chemicals) to this castle when they could have done far better, cheaper and efficient shoots in a studio?" or "why didn't they start taking the arrows from the crossbow in the hugely elaborate, spider-themed death trap instead of crawling under the trip-wires?" or "are we supposed to like ANYONE in this movie?" I've seen many, many horror movies were the victims being killed by the psycho/ghost/demon/whatever are set up as more or less deserving what they get (in a twisted poetic justice kind of way), but this film goes so far overboard in making just about everyone so unlikeable that the viewer doesn't care if they survive the slaughter. To makes matters worse, the film is generally more boring than scary, and snicker-inspiring rather than terrifying. Further, every fight scene in the film looks like it was staged by Vince McMohan of the World Wrestling Entertainment network (hence my wrestling comment above); We also have really terrible actors performing scenes that have been dubbed by even worse voice actors. And the synching to dialogue to image is worse than anything I've ever seen. And the film's score--my God. It has GOT to be among the worst ever used in a film released to the public, and that's not even taking the terrible editing into account. (It's not usual to loop the same short bit of music several times during a scene, but it is unusual to have a "pop" at the start/end of the loop.) ""Bloody Pit of Horror" is a pit of a movie. The only remotely clever part of the film is the spider-themed torture trap mentioned above--and even it falls into the "why ask why?" category, because like everything else, there's no sensible reason for it to exist. The only reason to watch this film isif you're getting together with a group of friends intending to watch bad movies and mock them as they unfold. For THAT purpose, this is a perfect movie. For everything else, it's not worth even the effort to take it out of the DVD case.

Michael D (ag) wrote: This movie is a guilt pleasure with sandra bullock.

Mike S (au) wrote: Not even close to competing to the first film. However, the suspense is there, the scare factor is there, and also, bits and pieces of comedic aspects. It is worth the watch is you're a horror film fan.

Yousif V (ag) wrote: It's got everything, Action, Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Romance-The best film to show two foreigners who know little to nothing about American cinema. Like a nice Arnie burger with cheese.