The Slams

The Slams

Rival prison factions surround a Los Angeles convict (Jim Brown) who has $1.5 million stashed on the outside.

After a heist Curtis Hook (Jim Brown) is caught by the police. In jail various people want to know where he stashed the loot. But the places where he stashed the loot ($1.500.000) will be ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo H (ru) wrote: DIFFERENT...and actually pretty original. Too bad it was a low-budget film, because with big bucks, better acting, and a better director, this could have been an incredible movie

Tyler W (ca) wrote: Loved It Had A Mad Max/The Road Warrior Feel To It!

Will L (ag) wrote: It's not the most consistently funny comedy, but the jokes that work work quite well, and the cameos alone make it worth seeing. Definitely a must-see for Jack Black fans.

Patrick P (br) wrote: The rating is probably inflated because of my love for the Roc but I appreciate Dame putting rappers who can't act into their OWN movie rather than tarnishing the quality of a decent one. Anyway, flicks like this are more of a guilty pleasure than anything else. If you thought Belly was the best thing since The Godfather, SP's the new Pulp Fiction.

Sista K (ca) wrote: i own this an it is a awesome movie

Alexander H (ag) wrote: I can't believe I sat through this... no, it's not a porno, but yes, it's just as gay as it looks. The only redeeming moment was a brief cameo by Ron Jeremy.

Philip E (ru) wrote: One of JCVD's better movies

Trevor F (ag) wrote: This movie is a gut punch of mixed emotion. In it, we see Will grow into a man deserving of the talents he posesses, and Williams give one of my favorite movies performances.

Eric R (jp) wrote: 6 years after Charles Band's underground cult classic Trancers hit theaters, he finally delivers a highly anticipated sequel (to the low budget cult audience that is) only this time direct-to-video. In the time between Trancers and Trancers II, Band's company Empire Pictures went bankrupt and his new direct-to-video company Full Moon Entertainment took the reins of the franchise and though the sequel isn't as good, it's still great to see a character like Jack Deth back on the screen, even if it is only the small screen.The plot takes place 6 years after the events of the first film with Deth and his girlfriend Leena (again played by Helen Hunt) still protecting the ancestor of our last remaining council member of the future from Trancer scum. No Trancers have been sighted for years until one day they suddenly pop up but thankfully Deth is there to foil their plans. It seems that Whistler's brother Wardo (Richard Lynch) has popped up in 1991 Los Angeles, running psycho wards in order to breed new Trancers. To make matters more complicated, Jack Deth's ex-wife, who died, was rescued before her death and sent down the line to spy on Wardo. We all can see a predicable love triangle happening here! The best part of this sequel is that Band reunited almost all of the surviving characters of the original Trancers so it's a hoot to see them all together again and to see how they've changed over six years. Band also adds great cult actors Richard Lynch and Jeffrey Combs to the mix. Lynch is great in his token villain role but Combs is rather wasted and only seems to be thrown into the film to appease the cult film fanatics.The main problem with the film is the budget constraints and it looks and feels far more low budget then even its shoe string original. The action sequences are very low grade, poorly shot and with lots of slow motion. The climax is also hardly anything to get excited about with low grade action antics. The low production values actually cause more unintentional laughter than anything.Even with no budget, Tim Thomerson makes the film worth seeing alone as he again perfectly plays the lovable jackass Jack Deth like he was born for the role. His outrageous one liners always brings a smile to my face ("Damnit McNulty! Next time someone hands you an exploding ham, I'm gonna pass the mustard!"). This is definitely worth checking out for fans of the original.... others may not apply.Bonus Rant: During one sequence the movie blatantly focuses on a movie trailer for Charles Band's Crash and Burn which is shown on a TV. It's one thing to be subtle about such nods to other films by having them on the screen in the back ground and such, but to actually break the plot flow in order to focus on the trailer is kind of sad. It's like Band was wanting people who were watching this film to go rent Crash and Burn right away. Nothing like hitting people in the head by shamelessly promoting your other material Band!

Whitney S (de) wrote: More Jake Gyllenhaal doing math. Yes.

Chris S (nl) wrote: For a directorial debut, it doesn't seem promising of the great career he would have and the greater films he would later make. But at least, it isn't as tragic and depressing as his other films because there's a small trace of compassion and a sense of humanity in this film which is completely missing in his later films. Oh, the beauty of nature from the sorghum being blown by the gentle wind and hit by the rays of the setting sun.

Arpy S (ru) wrote: kinda creepy, but amusing

Denise P (gb) wrote: It boasts a handful of modern twists and some impressive technical effects, but this second remake of 1976's horror classic fails to bring many truly fresh ideas to the table and rings hollow due to a screenplay that unabashedly borrows from the original -- and plummets further into the genre barrel from inferior performances by its well-chosen cast.

Yuliya D (gb) wrote: Penso di amare tutto di questo film: la colonna sonora, la regia, gli effetti speciali, la performance degli attori, soprattutto quella del protagonista, interpretato da Bradley Cooper e quella di Robert De Niro.La trama davvero avvincente, grazie alla quale non si riesce a staccare un attimo gli occhi dallo schermo per non perdere nessun dettaglio.Che cosa sarebbe disposta la gente per fare in modo di essere la versione migliore di loro stessi, non facendo un minimo sforzo? Ecco la risposta a questa domanda, riassunta in un film di due ore circa.

Edison H (jp) wrote: Lo dicho recuerdo mi infancia con estas peliculas xD

Andrew R (es) wrote: Dark, slick, and tragic, all the things you want from a movie about crooked cops, filthy killers and the family left behind. An Oldman movie in all aspects, the reason I started to care about his work.