The Sleep Room

The Sleep Room

At the height of the cold war, the C.I.A. secretly funded Dr. Ewen Cameron, director of the Allan Memorial Institute, and his experimental research into brainwashing techniques. Twenty-five years later, the last nine survivors of those gruesome experiments fight to expose the truth...of The Sleep Room.

Based on a true story, this production relates the tale of two American lawyers who try to bring the U.S. government to its knees. In the early 1950s, the CIA funds a Montreal psychiatric ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan C (br) wrote: More people need to know about this film...

Anna B (au) wrote: I have not seen many French movies, which is why I probably don't understand them. I did like the main character, but the surrounding characters were lacking. I hated her old flame who has put her on a pedestal and then was angry when she tore that image down.

Isaac T (it) wrote: Ok comedy. Had its moments

Alvaro S (au) wrote: Really kind of weird. It's visibly low budget, some scenes are out of focus and poorly lit (not counting those that are intentionally done so) and have that weird noncinematic feel, like they were done on a nice handycam instead of a big professional camera. It does a pretty good job of capturing that Lovecraft vibe, with the scribbling on the walls and crazy cults but the whole gay overtone is just out of place. It just feels like it was shoehorned in there for the sake of adding message (hell, apparently this whole thing was supposed to be a commentary on the state of America.)

Luigia L (es) wrote: I wouldn't say this is the best Tsui Hark's film, but I still enjoyed it. The characters may not be the best he's ever created (even though I really liked the villains), but still the story and the amazing photography make the film worth spending the 2 and a half hours.

John P (br) wrote: "Rugrats Go Wild" is enjoyable.

Michael D (jp) wrote: Not as bad as some of the reviews. I watched the whole thing twice. the ending is a little predictable but it has it's moments. It was a pretty good story and some of it is believable. I like the idea of the brothers and the story is very good. It needed some better actors and better boxing footage. The actors should have been in better shape for a boxing movie. See it on starz with a night of nothing on.

Bill R (it) wrote: I haven't heard cussing like this in a long time. lol.

Leon B (de) wrote: In The Name Of The Father has great sides to both coin: It moves with anger and resentment towards the British Army. Daniel Day-Lewis is brilliant.

Brian P (jp) wrote: Extremely boring. Do not bother watching, absolute waste of time.

Ken T (us) wrote: OMG, this was so retarded"

Brett B (fr) wrote: A christmas classic and a childhood favorite. Its a little cheesy at times due to the special effects of the 80's but overall a very enjoyable movie.

Merlee G (jp) wrote: I almost forgot about this movie!! Great stuff!!

Kristi M (de) wrote: For someone who's usually a fan of camp and the offbeat this one didn't do it for me. It's like the Rankin-Bass empire decided that after all of the syrupy holiday kitsch they just had to scratch some sort of self indulgent itch to rebel and create this possibly drug induced creation in need of some serious time editing. It would be painful to watch except that it's too uninteresting to pay attention to for any significant length of time. I wasn't one of those who grew up with it, maybe that's the problem? My daughter doesn't like it either after about 10 minutes so to each his own.

heyitsvasili (ca) wrote: Although the racing montages are fun, the rest of the plot is bland and boring

Aaron M (es) wrote: Predictable, but entertaining. Safe Haven brings in some great thrilling scenes and some interesting plot points. However, it did feel like it was running for a really long time. If they cut 45 min, the film would be way better. Anyway, Safe Haven is a decent love film that both men and women can enjoy.