The Sleeping City

The Sleeping City

A young doctor taking a break from work is shot in the head, and the police can't find a clue even as to a possible motive. Inspector Al Gordon (John Alexander) decides that he has to put some men on duty at the hospital, and one of them is Fred Rowan (Richard Conte), a detective with experience as an army medic, masquerading as an intern. What Rowan finds is a high-pressure world in which interns are hopelessly squeezed for time, sleep, energy, and -- most of all -- money, and walk a fine line on the edge of personal and professional disaster.

At Bellvue Hospital, New York, an intern is shot in the head by an unknown killer. Inspector Gordon of the 9th Precinct finds no obvious leads but senses an undercurrent of mystery at the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jnior D (de) wrote: The indecision of the director about the movie be a comedy or a drama makes it almost without meaning. It could had been more successful if the comedy had been taking seriously instead of that drama about the religious intolerance.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: This was pretty hilarious and stupid.

Brian H (kr) wrote: Strathairn is one of America's finest actors and if you doubt that statement in any way, see the film. The basic anti-semtic versus minorities scenario's been done to death, yet this movie breathes much needed life into it once more. The best I've seen a year, easily.

Nick A (ag) wrote: A meditative minimalist character study that on its own is reason enough for those unfamiliar with director Ramin Bahrani to give his other works a look. He's an important rising figure in independent cinema, and Man Push Cart is evidence of such.

HungYa L (fr) wrote: Battlefield sequences are intense. Soundtrack is brilliant and it is one of those movie that does not say too much about typical American patriotism, which Michael Bay has been doing for years. And that is good. I love Ewan MeGregor' s role.

Jens L (de) wrote: Nosferatu rate in space? That's the best proof that the days of this enterprise crew had been numbered already...

Queen Kelsey D (nl) wrote: Vlad Dracula is SOOOOOOOO handsome. id give anything to be his

Camille L (ru) wrote: The Mackintosh Man est un film d'espionnage sous fond de Guerre Froide comme on en a vu des centaines et cet opus de John Huston ne change pas grand-chose la donne, si ce n'est absolument rien. Il reste un film franchement agrable suivre grce la manire extrmement efficace (mme si la premire heure est infiniment suprieure la deuxime) de Huston nous raconter cette histoire commune d'espion pris contre-pied par une conspiration plus grosse que lui. Paul Newman, Dominique Sanda et James Mason sont bons, mais c'est John Bindon qui brille le plus fort.

Brian B (ru) wrote: There were certainly some highs and lows in this one. I suppose it was like their marriage. I love the beginning sequence.

Chucky (fr) wrote: January 28th-29th 2016

Kan R (es) wrote: Incredibly cheesy. :/