The Sleeping Voice

The Sleeping Voice

Madrid, post-Spanish Civil War. Sisters Hortensia and Pepita are involved with an underground guerrilla movement. Hortensia is captured and forced to deliver her baby in jail. Pepita tries ...

Pepita travels to Madrid to be near her sister Hortensia who is pregnant and in prison. Hortensia is sentenced to death. The execution will not be carried out until after the baby is delivered. Pepita tries everything to stay the execution, but when unsuccessful she goes to the prison everyday to make sure Hortensia's son goes with her and not into an orphanage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Sleeping Voice torrent reviews

Tim G (fr) wrote: More interesting culturally than a great film.

Colin M (ag) wrote: predict the whole film within 5 minuets of watching, pair that with the lame acting and you have a film to avoid like the plague.... awful

Angelo Dean B (us) wrote: 3 StarsI'm shocked how critics just murdered this movie, it was decently entertaining for me. at least above averagePlus Alan Rickman's performance is top notch, rest in peace

Austin G (it) wrote: This film tries so hard to pull at your heartstrings, but they miss the strings and accidentally hit your heart in the process. In a bad way.

Josas G (gb) wrote: Llevaba aos sin saber como se llamaba la pelcula y resulta que Drew Barrimore aparece en ella y me acordaba de casi todo menos de ellla.

Sandeep R (ru) wrote: Incredibly beautiful about an ageing man turning into a vampire. It was also a pioneer in the New Wave of Mexican cinema.

Caleb C (es) wrote: Performances are great, the film itself is lacking, but not bad.

Carlos G (gb) wrote: Cute story. One of the first 'global movies' I've seen, since it takes place in the US and Germany, and the characters seem to manage themselves quite comfortably on them. Even though the cities are not their natives, they do not behave as tourists, they walk around as if they knew pretty well the places.

Vikrant S (fr) wrote: one of the best examples of true life ,anand mesmerises me everytime i see it

Sanity Assassin (ru) wrote: it's a story about the power struggle between a badly treated crew, a good captain, a nasty piece of work of a 2nd in command and alliegences of the heart to the homeland (wow, i sound german). yeh, i'll conform and put 3 stars just like everybody else. okay.. the shizay is... as usual alec guinness is great. dirk bogarde played the prime bully (mr always have to be right). they both played their parts very well. you gotta hand it to bogarde. by the end i wanted to beat the shit outta him too, so he obviously played the baddie well enough! haha... you always get people like that everywhere you go. it's like some social disease. anyway, back to the film... very solid effort. i also agree with someone else who reviewed this on here. much better than dull and boring master & commander. sometimes the oldies are the best!

John R (gb) wrote: Super Channel. Yikes. This movie is pretty bad for a modern film with relatively big actors. Bullock's character is so annoying it hurts.

Jordon J (de) wrote: This type of film has been redone time & time again but this one for being low budget & straight to dvd isn't actually half bad i didn't mind it,I say RENT IT!!!

Thomas S (gb) wrote: Scratching my head and said, WTF???

Andrew S (kr) wrote: Very watchable supernatural thriller. The best Daniel Radcliffe movie I've seen. Grotesque, thrilling and beautifully moving.

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