The Slender Man

The Slender Man

A tall, shadowy figure with a blank face and a suit is thought to be behind recent disappearances of children.

A tall, shadowy figure with a blank face and a suit is thought to be behind recent disappearances of children. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaki C (de) wrote: This is a really good movie. It's beautifully shot and emotionally driven. Amy Smart did an amazing job. I'm definitely a fan and hope people go see this movie!

Sophie T (kr) wrote: Probably the most depressing film I've ever seen but I liked it.

Reece L (us) wrote: Moderately funny but deeply flawed in its misguided focus on an uninteresting and vapid asshole of a main character who's essentially a collection of indie clichs stitched together, Greenberg is a lesser Baumbach endeavor that fails as both a romance and a comedy (additionally, someone needs to put a stop to this recent trend of indie films treating their characters' mental illnesses as if they were some quirky and endearing source of comedy).

Slavisa M (gb) wrote: Broken Embraces seems to be a typical Almadovar film - which is very good, to say the least. He uses his typical ways of directing, which have by now become his trademark. With his usual excellent cast, and of-late muse Penelope Cruz leading the way, the film just shows great character development. That is both due to the screenplay and a rather impressive response of the actors to the screenplay and Almodovar's direction. The original score of the film is also rather captivating.However, one cannot but compare his latest to his previous films, such as Volver, La mala educacion or Hable con ella, and once one does it, one can see that Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos) is not quite as great as the others. There is just something missing. However, it is still a very good film, coming from the best Spanish (if not European) director, starring the best Spanish actors. I'd highly recommend it!!

Mark S (ru) wrote: A powerful, deeply emotional film that made me want to read more by Keats and will lead me to forever associate Ben Whishaw with the frail, romantic great of English poetry.

Heather W (us) wrote: She plays the same person (herself) in every show...even period pieces. Makes for awkward viewing.

Nicholas V (de) wrote: The same year Francis Ford Coppola released 'One From the Heart', he also presented 'The Escape Artist', a fantasy about magic co-written by Melissa Matheson, who wrote 'E.T.', and directed by cinematographer Caleb Deschanel (the father of actress Zooey Deschanel) from a book by David Wagoner. The story centers around Danny Masters (Griffin O'Neal, the son of Ryan O'Neal) who wants to be an escape artist, just like his father (Harry Anderson), who was second only to Houdini. Then, everything goes awry when he pickpockets the wallet of the mayor's son Stu (Raul Julia), which had important things in it belonging to his father, who is the corrupt mayor (Desi Arnez). Soon, he is mixed up in business he shouldn't be in, but he begins to find out what really happened to his father and who he can really trust in the world. It might not sound interesting, but it is worth a look nonetheless. The best thing about this movie, besides most of the performances, is the music score by Georges Delerue (who composed the music for 'A Little Romance' and 'Joe Versus The Volcano'), which is so beauttiful that I wouldn't be surprised as the movie was ending to find you hunmming it. That's how good it is. It's an interesting undiscovered gem that is wonderful to watch. Give it a try.

Steve D (gb) wrote: Slow but very enjoyable same as original. Watch the original as well

Sarah K (ca) wrote: Pretty good movie overall. I didn't learn much but there were a few laughs.

Russ V (ca) wrote: The Comedy of Terrors is a pretty funny slapstick comedy (although the laughs slow down for most of the second act) with a great cast.

Joe S (kr) wrote: Visually and emotionally stunning for 1927. A timeless masterpiece

Peter N (br) wrote: Beyond cheesy, but the stop-motion special effects are kind of endearing in their own way.

Paul O (nl) wrote: Broadbent is perfect as an embittered old man who lost his way through his career and found himself in a torturous love-hate dependent relationship within wife. Paris plays a perfect background to this bittersweet tale.... Goldblum is (as always) an enigmatic supporting role.