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John C (ag) wrote: An engaging account of a life led in the belief that faith seeks justice for all of humanity.

katchoo (ag) wrote: I love Kris Kristofferson.. and I love time travel flicks... but this movie was way too romancey for me. bummer.

Marko S (kr) wrote: classical, and overall boring piece about americans waiting for the D-day. although the portrait of british-american relationship that was not always brotherly is deep and well done, that could be the only good point of this very long and unpleasent melodramatic spectacle.

Pedro J (nl) wrote: In fact, I knew what I was getting into when I decided to watch this chapter of Resident Evil. Was it bad? It was awful, much like the other films in the saga. Did I enjoy it? Every single bit of it.

Charlie G (ag) wrote: Classic actors. Good story. Amusing.