The Smugglers

The Smugglers

A woman (Shirley Booth) and her stepdaughter (Carol Lynley) attempt to sneak a few souvenirs past customs, the ladies inadvertently become the couriers for an international smuggling ring. Booth and Lynley unknowingly face death at every turn as the desperate smugglers chase them up and down the Tyrol.

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David P (au) wrote: Lundgen, zombies, killer robots...saturday night taken care of!

Jamell H (ag) wrote: It was wonderful to see Chris Rock play a role that the one he played in this movie.

Auttie R (au) wrote: I don't care what anyone else says....I like this film. It is a funny and sweet film.

Michael Y (fr) wrote: A nonsense rom-com that's very little rom and com. Even the likable and entertaining cast can't redeem the wild and flawed writing. A process server, Joe, is hired to catch and serve the wife of a wealthy business man for devorce. But when an offer of a million dollars is on the table, Joe goes to wild and extreme lengths to serve Sara's husband instead AND protect Sara from being served by his rival competitor. Matthew Perry is witty as always, it's always a delight to see Elizabeth Hurley, Amy Adams is a great, and who doesn't love Bruce Campbell? Those are 4 good reasons to watch this movie, but the writing leads them nowhere. Even this great cast can't get it right. The plot is implossible, and the team of Perry and Hurley have no chemestry, both romantic and comedic. It's amusing watching these characters get into unexpected mishaps, but it is a creative idea that could have been way better. Serving Sara plays like a rom-com, but neither inspires and quality, and when it tries, it fails. The directing is average and flat at best, but not very imaginitive. The cinematography looks average as well. It does shoot in good areas, and the sets and shooting locations are appropriate. The pacing of the movie doesn't hit the moments on the spot as well as it could have. 2 characters on the run to catch a cheating husband = entertaining. But the story and directing could have made it at least an average and worth while movie. But alas, the uncreative style and uninspired writing makes Serving Sara not as good as it could have been.

Dave S (kr) wrote: One of the most amazing movies I've seen in a while. It's about some kind of government task force that has holograms and rocket launching motorcycles. Mostly notable for the incredible ending and Barry Bostwick in absurdly tight spandex bodysuits, looking like a character that Will Ferrel rejected for being too goofy. Also, Michael Beck's career is officially fascinating. Part of B-Fest '09.

Sherwin L (gb) wrote: It's always great to find another Robert Altman movie to watch that I never heard about before. This one captures the characters and the landscape of the depression era and the Southern setting very well.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Corman at his most POEtic and stylish best!!

Justin B (gb) wrote: Superb reboot that never strays too far or gets to close to the source material. Everything has been ratcheted up for today's audiences but it works and is one of the few running zombie movies that I genuinely enjoy.

Alex K (br) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Rick R (it) wrote: 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)Celebrating 500 years of Christopher Columbus's discovery of the new world, this beautifully-filmed movie came out in theaters. Nobody does the middle ages better than Ridley Scott, and he was true to form with this movie showing the grander, and yes, the cruelty of early Spain.An Italian foreigner, Christopher Columbus (Grard Depardieu) is trying to get financing and ships from Queen Isabel (Sigourney Weaver) to prove his ability to travel West to arrive to the East to trade in the riches of China and India. He's having to deal with the entitlement of the Spanish nobility, the superstitions of the day, and the violence of the Spanish inquisition and battles with the Moors.Then there's the realization that this discovery wasn't the riches of China or India, but of an innocent society of island natives. No gold and silver; no bridges and buildings, and because he is the new governor of this new land, it's harder for him to leave and explore further.The cinematography was beautiful, but two and a half butt-numbing hours is a little too much even for the best of movies.