The Snake Pit

The Snake Pit

Olivia de Havilland stars in this look inside a state-run insane asylum.

A detailed chronicle of a woman during her stay in a mental institution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason G (de) wrote: Realistically conveys the sense of post-apocalyptic boredom. I get that this is a micro-budget effort, but surely they could have spelled "warheads" correctly on the bomber jet console? ("wareheads", hee) Or turned up the settings on their graphics card, so that clouds wouldn't magically appear and disappear? The movie threatens to deal with some interesting subjects, and hints at some acting talent by the female lead, but neither is ever realized.


Jacob G (de) wrote: What a disappointing, incoherent, poorly edited, dully written follow up to the fantastic Casino Royale.

Paul C (de) wrote: Interesting mystery/drama about the death of TV's Superman George Reeves.. Great cast.

Jenn A (kr) wrote: This is the stupidest piece of crap. I didn't even finish it it sucked so bad.

Jessica H (gb) wrote: made for cable holiday light trash.

Jerrod K (de) wrote: Forgettable B movie about the one that got away

Spencer H (ag) wrote: Kingdom of Heaven is sloppy and has plenty of problems, but still manages to be big and epic.

Douglas D (es) wrote: When the film opened with a 10 year old boy cooking his mother's heroin hit, the tone of the next 90 or so minutes was set. Anchored by the best child actor performance I think I've EVER seen--thank you Harry Eden and bravo--'Pure' is an in your face story of drugs, poverty, and family. It also seems appropriate to compare this film's "viewer discomfort" with that of 2009's 'Precious;' 'Precious' might just be a bit harder to watch, but both effectively thrust the audience into the lives of kids in different but equally terrible situations. I highly recommend 'Pure' for its outstanding performances and its painful but necessary images.

Greg W (it) wrote: visually ravishing and emotionally cold with rich details

Brandon S (fr) wrote: The acting of Driving Miss Daisy is the highlight here from Freeman knocking it out of the park, to Tandy in a her best performance, and not to forget Ackroyd coming out of nowhere for a rare dramatic turn that complements wonderfully to the rest of the production. The message of the film has a light feel good vibe to it even though it's about age info and racism in the south from the 1950's thru the 1970's. The tone stays constant and doesn't let up even though you may feel a little underwhelmed at the anticlimactic ending.

Robin D (kr) wrote: Carnivorous space porcupines roll into town to cause havoc while two shape-shifting intergalactic bounty hunters are hot on their trail! Classic B-Movie!

Clay B (au) wrote: OPERATION - CROSS EAGLES (1969)

Camille L (de) wrote: Harper est un film de personnages, avec une bonne dizaine d'entre eux, aussi tranges que patibulaires, se tirant dans les pattes propos de la disparition du mari d'une femme fatale joue par Lauren Bacall. Autour d'eux, Paul Newman, dans sa meilleure imitation d'Humphrey Bogart, mne l'enqute, prend des beignes, en colle quelques unes et dlivre quelques jolis dialogues. Mais ce qu'Harper gagne en sympathie, il le perd en rythme, cause de la mise en scne particulirement anmique de Jack Smight et au scnario de William Goldman, qui tourne trs vite en rond. C'est d'autant plus dommage que le dnouement est trs russi. Mais pour y arriver, quelle lenteur!

Byron B (kr) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

Jason C (jp) wrote: Rather uneven and unnecessary although this remake is, the main fault appears to be the screenplay - it's all so much blunt force trauma, albeit delivered in blood. There are no nuances, no subtleties and no real point to it all. And the ending...risible.

Nathan A (mx) wrote: Boasts an element that few other Dreamworks films have as of late: A Story!!