The Snorkel

The Snorkel

Jacques Duval devises a fiendishly clever method of murdering his wife. Doping her up with sleeping tablets, Duval places his wife in a sealed room, then opens all the gas jets. While the police identify the body, Duval remains hidden in the room, breathing through a snorkel, then makes his escape when the authorities leave. Only one flaw in this perfect crime: Duval's stepdaughter (Mandy Miller) is the suspicious type.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:English,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   poison,   servant,  

Although the police have termed her mother's death a suicide, a teenage girl believes her step-father murdered her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wiebke K (jp) wrote: This highly anticipated sequel to Sand Sharks brings a new level to special effects -- glittery shark fins and sharks cutting through the snow -- and to character development (not). Plot is, shall we say, fictional. Needless to say -- only watch this if you like really bad movies.

D M (es) wrote: A well put together documentary about the "war on terror." Crisp, well edited and a lot of great interviews from high level people involved in the Iraq debacle. Would have liked them to get Rumsfeld or some other the other high-ups that have since left, but to no avail.

John C (es) wrote: The story is predictable but Kim basinger makes this film work. A standout performance with an ending I think all women will stand up and cheer for. A great ending. Worth a look.

Tor M (us) wrote: A film I have heard very nice things about and it partially turned out to be true. This is a very enjoyable film even if you're just watching a painter and his gardener sharing words between them. They talk about real things. Life, death, love, gardening, art, music and their pasts to name a few topics. The film is very natural and realistic - just as the characters. I sadly lost the first five minutes or so, and having some live sport tournament on my computer screen on mute killed some of the experience. Not much I guess, but a tiny little bit. A film that will make you smile and think - maybe you even will take some advice from that fantastic garden man. Sadly it didn't move me as much as films like this often does.

Lindsay M (au) wrote: In the year leading up to his bar mitzvah, young Dvir (Tomer Steinhof) accidentally watches a man get intimate with a cow, tells a girl he loves her, steals some popsicles, and surreptitiously smokes. As a general rule: becoming a man + encountering messed-up adult sexuality + experiencing puppy love + rebelling in silly ways = coming of age. (It's a pretty foolproof equation.) But in Israeli film Sweet Mud Dvir does his coming of age within the context of a mid-1970s kibbutz in Israel. He steals his popsicles from the work-farm's communal kitchen. Dvir's mom is Miri (Ronit Yudkevitz), a depressed woman who daily struggles with the commune's strict rules and demand for conformity, but remains weirdly tied to the place. As Dvir navigates adolescence, Miri becomes more despondent. Director Dror Shaul (who, like Dvir, spent his formative years on a kibbutz) is leveling an obvious critique of the kibbutz system's set-up, and for the most part, he does so with a fairly light hand (save for some end-of-film histrionics by Miri). To frame his thesis, Shaul's created a organic-feeling cinematic world, full of communal decision-making meetings, jam-sharing, and free-wheeling European hippies looking to groove on the kibbutz's back-to-basics vibe. The film provides a fascinating window into a faraway time and place, which makes Dvir's journey down the well-worn path towards adulthood feel new.(By me, The Coast)

Michael S (kr) wrote: "The Descent" is one of my absolute all time favorite films. The dynamics between the girls and their fight for survival keeps the audiences attention for sure. The plot and character development is a very strong and full one with twists and turns leaving viewers on the edge of their seat. The film definitely is a must see and is one of the top horror films of all time.

Deepa J (br) wrote: A mother and daughter duo brimming with talent. Aparna Sen weaves a wonderful story - authentic and relevant; Konkona Sen pulls off a pitch perfect Tam Brahm accent..artistic exaggeration apart, this was an Indian movie I actualy really liked! Of course, watching Rahul Bose, is always a treat for the eyes and the ears - even without acting involved.Took me about 8 years to catch up on this movie, but was well worth it

Lenard K (jp) wrote: Japanese paper seller falls in love with prostitute, prompting them to enter into a suicide pact. Puppet theater story told with live actors (although kuroko remain in the background).

Brian K (jp) wrote: Bunuel's fiercest, most damning black comedy about bourgeois excess and human idiosyncrasies.

Issac L (fr) wrote: Another KVIFF viewing of Jean-Pierre Melville(TM)s tribute section, after LE SAMOURAI (1967, a 9/10). This one is Melville(TM)s earlier work, a collaboration with Jean Cocteau, an adaption of Cocteau(TM)s internationally famed eponymous novel, which at first glance would seem to be deviated from Melville(TM)s comfort zone, the film has a more explicit portrayal of humanity in its darkest corner, and the fodder has a comprehensive penchant to theatricality and character study. A quite conspicuous clash comes from the cast, to wit Edouard Dermithe, the leading protagonist as Peter, who would not be Melville(TM)s first choice but thanks to Cocteau(TM)s relentless insistence (Edouard is said to be his lover at that time), notwithstanding his dandy contour is unable to deliver any conceivable conviction which his role should have embodied, no matter how many close-ups swooping upon his statuesque face, it is certainly beyond the rescue even Melville had exerted himself to the upmost. Nicole St (C)phane and Ren (C)e Cosima, on the other hand, are the messiahs of the cast, several emotion-eruption takes are right to the point. At least Melville still manifests his capacity is other department of the films, the cinematography from DP Henri Deca infuses very seclude intimacy during the siblings(TM) scenes when a whiff of incestuous ambiguity permeates the whole frame. When the setting moves to the grand apartment in the latter part in the film, the spiderweb of deconstructing an immoral subterfuge foiled with riveting and labyrinthine shots culminates the film with a quite amazing coda, which by no means should be even scarcely credited for Mr. Dermithe. So the win-win combo seems not to fire up to one(TM)s expectation, and it is a quite qualified candidate needs a remake, then who is the proper person at the helm? I dare to suggest Jacques Audiard if one must be French.

Paul G (de) wrote: Amazing movie with Christina Aguilera's Legendary Voice !

Steven V (jp) wrote: Unstoppable is an underwhelming action/drama with Wesley Snipes as a retired Special Forces. The acting is awful. The script is filled with stupid situations just for the sake of blowing something up. There's no logic or even an attempt to make things slightly realistic or interesting. Plot holes, clichs, there's so much wrong with this it's a wonder how someone approved the script.