The Sobbing Stone

The Sobbing Stone

Science can't explain it. No one can. A seemingly ordinary stone has been brought to the attention of four of the best paranormal experts in the world. As the hours progress, they find out ...

Science can't explain it. No one can. A seemingly ordinary stone has been brought to the attention of four of the best paranormal experts in the world. As the hours progress, they find out ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Sobbing Stone torrent reviews

Kurt B (au) wrote: Tragic, black comedy and a suburban dream that's not all it's *cracked* up to be. The story, not the film.

Coley G (us) wrote: Corny & not in a cute, forgivable way...It gets better after climax and throughout falling action. Good resolution=Happy Ending!Both boys get the girls! I did enjoy the multiple perspectives of dating & sex at varying stages of life & love. Lol... So what's the moral of the story? Play the game! :D

Tristan G (br) wrote: This was actually a really funny B-movie! There's no denying how shitty it is, but it is fun and extremely entertaining.

Casey P (de) wrote: starts out a little slow, Def picks up tho. great ending hour

Jennifer W (br) wrote: I think this was my first Indian film to watch. Damned good acting from everyone, and an interesting take on "the Scottish play." I thought the underlying love story was inspired, and I am a sucker for those small self-referential bits (the studio set filming + comments on the film industry). Though, not being a native speaker, I had to rely on rather shaky subtitles, which sometimes went over my head. Still, a solid effort as an adaptation AND as a standalone film.

Tnu K (de) wrote: art in a house, art in a body, body in a house

Leo K (nl) wrote: No.... don't watch this..... meaningless, unless u enjoy stunning graphics and nothing else

Rebecca C (kr) wrote: The ending made the movie; Jhangir and Venkatesh were both lovable as boys that ban together in the sreets of Panjim

Tim S (ru) wrote: A really interesting made-for-tv horror film that plays more like a thriller with dramatic elements. I wasn't really scared by it but I can see why people might be creeped out by it. I think that the length of the thing runs down the pace of it a bit (this was made for television with commercials in between, after all), but other than that, it's a pretty effective revenge tale.

Brandon C (ru) wrote: Just for the sheer fact that it's Herbie

Sreejith M (ru) wrote: Werner Herzog's fascinating depiction of legend Gonzalo Pizarro's doomed expedition plays out like a tragic Beethoven symphony. Like Beethoven's, this movie lacks a clear cut beginning & ending but its an astonishing technical feat filled with some outstanding imagery that calls from its viewers a patient, attentive viewing. Kinski doesn't merely portray the titular character. He simply possesses him..! Great stuff..!!

Martin R (au) wrote: Not very realistic, not inspiring. Reminds me of the story style of Roth or Heller. Awkward, strange, where are the parents?? And the fiance of the older girl uses her emotionally shattered condition to seduce the teenager? Get real, this is a poor excuse for a movie.

Rafael N (ru) wrote: sigo lleno de dudas...

Martin G (jp) wrote: Le film compense son manque de narration par l'action et la violence mais malheureusement ce n'est pas ass.

Bill B (ag) wrote: This is a film that I somehow never happened to rent way back in the days of heavy VHS viewing, so I was pleased to give it a spin on cable recently. Spike Lee tells a very interesting tale about the Son Of Sam killings, as they effect the lives of a varied cast of characters in a Brooklyn neighborhood, butting the action up against the Disco scene and the rise of the Punk movement, and I really dug it quite a bit.Good stuff, well worth a rental.

Jamin M (jp) wrote: Ah, The Lion King, the highest-grossing 2D animated film of all time. I love this movie, and while I don't think it's quite the masterpiece everyone says it is, there are still plenty of things to like about it. The animation, of course is beautiful. I love the African setting. The story is good, the characters are likeable, the voice acting, especially from James Earl Jones and Jeremy Irons, is great, and the songs, for the most part, are nice as well. I was one of those people who cried at Mufasa's death. But what really makes this movie good is the sheer size of it. It's just a big movie, and it does come from the story. But I do have a few gripes with this movie. One is that the message of the movie is a little botched. When Simba goes back to face his fear, his fears start to win, and none of the lionesses stand up for him until it's revealed that he didn't kill Mufasa. So the message is botched. Also, Scar goes through a complete 180. He starts off as sinister and conniving, but after he becomes king, he turns into a little child. Also, I think Matthew Broderick as adult Simba is a little bland. The two songs that stand out the most to me are Circle of Life and Be Prepared. I know some people hate I Just Can't Wait to Be King, but I enjoy that one personally. As for Can You Feel the Love Tonight and Hakuna Matata, I think there tolerable, but also the weakest of the soundtrack. Hakuna Matata is one I both hate and love at the same time. It's very annoying but I can't help but sing along to it. I like the African choir in Can You Feel the Love Tonight, as well as Timon and Pumbaa's parts, but it's not really necessary since the romance between Simba and Nala wasn't the main focus. But despite these problems, I still think The Lion King is a good, strong film. It has great animation, good characters, and good story with good drama and good humor. Those hyenas crack me the freak up. And like I said, it's just a huge movie. It's not in my top ten favorite Disney movies, but it's very close, ranking number twelve. It's not perfect, but I still love it and I always have a great time watching it.