The Son of the Sheik

The Son of the Sheik


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Son of the Sheik torrent reviews

Elvira L (kr) wrote: The charged imagery might divert the soft souls from the message of this movie. Youth is a moment of unnecessary suffering and missed communication, this is the truth behind this great movie.

Rich L (mx) wrote: This documentary is amazing, hilarious, sad, and cringe-worthy in almost equal measures. It does a great job of illustrating why "personal relationship" with a god or holy man is suspect to a skeptical person. My only peeve is personal, but relatively large when it comes to my enjoyment of the film.I have a difficult time with reconciling my dislike for obfuscating with the good that may be accomplished from it.I KNOW that Kumare always called himself an "illusion" and a fraud, but he still took advantage of groups of people who trusted him and loved him. That's hard to reconcile, but I cannot think of a way in which the point could have been made without him doing so. This documentary will haunt me for some time as I try to sort out how I feel about it, but I love the premise, and, if pressed, the execution.

Eau F (kr) wrote: ????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? "??????" ???????????????????????? ????????? ?????????????????????????????????

Antony G (jp) wrote: It's 1995 where VCR's are still the rage, people still bought their music in record stores & the Internet is still in its infancy. Enter two genius men who find a way to post porn on the World Wide Web & charge everyone for it & Jack Harris who pioneers their enterprise to become a multi million dollar business. Luke Wilson plays the part of Jack Harris, a man with a special talent of being able to sort out problems for anyone & make them a success. As he steers these two men through their successful porn site he soon starts to wrestle with his conscience & morals as he struggles in a sea of adult entertainment, conmen & drugs. He only gets involved to make enough money to set up his family financially but is soon up to his neck in back stabbing, double crosses, a fling with a 23 year old porn star, the Russian mafia & the FBI. But thanks to his talents he ends up having to solve his own problems & the life's of those close to him.

Nathan N (de) wrote: Extremely interesting subject matter but a real lack of direction.

Tristan W (mx) wrote: This was a epic film. I got it out thinking it was just an action film (no Brainer) but what i got was the dirty dozen with hart. The acting was brillaint and the story (supposelly true who knows) made it so much more then past attempts. The main highlight was the bonding between the troops, the Training and the unglories ending almost tragic. This is a must see and if any one bitches about subtitles then i only say this... learn to fucking read its not that hard the people that usaly bitch about subtitles are the people who can't even understand whats going on in Narnia ITS NOT HARD.

Galvy F (us) wrote: The looney tunes world and reality and beyond. Cartoons will always have place in time, space, and all that matter.

Vitor S (jp) wrote: "Por que voc quer tanto isso?....Porque disseram que eu no conseguiria!"

Tyler P (br) wrote: Bonne satire sur la manipulation.

Andrew B (it) wrote: Kaurismaki has an endearing minimalist sensibility. After watching a few of his films it's obvious where Wes Anderson got a lot of his inspiration.

Jon P (it) wrote: Andrei Tarkovsky's visionary biopic is a real triumph, unparalleled in terms of cinematic world-building.Charting exaggerated episodes in the life of the eponymous Russian painter, its fitting that Andrei Rublev would grace its viewers with set pieces that literally bring medieval painting to life. In fact, the era has never looked this good on screen - and isn't likely to ever again.Tarkovsky's film shakes through us with all the peculiarity yet distant reality of a bad dream. But like all dreams, the most enduring moments of Andrei Rublev are fleeting; split-second reflections or careful compositions in the foreground of a great tale that never quite comes together.

Richard D (ru) wrote: Pretty good for a sequel that has absolutely nothing to do with the original film. Quite a bit of the humor feels pretty forced here, but it's genuinely entertaining and like "Road Trip", manages to be raunchy without losing it's emotional core.