The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury

Passions divide a declining Southern family.

Loosely based on the William Faulkner novel, this movie follows the lives and passions of the Compsons: a once-proud Southern family now just barely scraping by both financially and emotionally. Howard passes the time in a bottle; his brother Bengy is child in a man's body; sister Caddy has come crawling home after years of being kept by a string of "admirers". Only Jason, the cruel, cold-hearted adopted head of the family, and Quentin, who was abandoned at birth by Caddy, have the fire and the fury needed to put the family back on its feet again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack E (it) wrote: Aside from the super cheesy CGI and special effects, it was a decent move with lots of action

Tara M (us) wrote: Strong cast and interesting story.

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Mahir T (es) wrote: A stagy romantic comedy that lacks an energetic story but is rescued by the talents of its two stars.

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Manch F (br) wrote: Michael Keaton deserved an Oscar nomination.

Hindnbrg E (jp) wrote: Wow... This is just one hilarious/surreal documentary. Every person featured in this thing ranges from being neurotic to batshit crazy. My favorite character is the Aussie redneck who does his part in keeping the cane toad population down by erratically swerving his truck all over the road in order to run over as many cane toads as possible [which in turn causes them to swell and initiate loud popping sound as they get caught under the tires]. The fellar addicted to cane toad venom is also a real treat. No wonder this is Herzog's favorite movie. Absolutely LOLarious. I wish all nature documentaries could be like this.

Mayunk J (ru) wrote: One of the rare films where I had to turn away within the first 30 minutes. And I am someone who enjoyed 'Gunda'!

Abdul L (kr) wrote: pm grier is one actress i adore always.i like her movies

Simon D (nl) wrote: Pretty good kids film, compared to the myriad others.