The Sound of Fury

The Sound of Fury

A family man -desperate for a job- latches onto a friend that encourages him into being a criminal.

A man who is down on his luck falls in with a criminal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Sound of Fury torrent reviews

Ryan A (mx) wrote: Absolute great movie

Sreekiran M (it) wrote: A powerpacked NTR performance, that would be exciting, inducing and also over the top. But taking all the cinematic liberties with a clunkier plot and oooh type climax, Dammu is surely action overload. C+

Owen D (kr) wrote: It's like pissing into the wind. Seems like a good idea, and only mildly entertaining.

Hunter D (kr) wrote: While depicting the alienation we experience from one another in our hyper-wired age is nothing new, Swanberg's take on it is painfully honest and interesting. Sadly the movie gets bogged down in pretentious noisemaking montages that belong on YouTube, and most of the musical bits are just distracting.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: Looking every bit like the first installment of a planned tv series (some original programming for SYFY or FX maybe), this has the rushed incomplete feel of that medium, forsaking depth and meaning for bigger, louder, faster, while actually achieving none ot that.

Sander B (br) wrote: Tres geniale, tres formidable, pour une soiree avec relaxation!

Emiliano G (ru) wrote: Best movie ever. Better than Shrek, 10/10 100%, must watch

Steven L (it) wrote: I used to love this film as a kid, I don't really remember it very well though.

Gareth D (gb) wrote: A great feel-good movie, covers some tough topics (racism, sexism, dealing with culture etc). Chase your dreams - always.

Nisarg V (it) wrote: It was a canvas painted in black and blue. It had the depth and the darkness that would occur when Batman and Superman are planning on taking each other head on. All in all... loved it!