The Speak

The Speak

A small TV crew make their way into the most haunted hotel in the US for the last program in their web series on the paranormal. With the help of a native-American medium, they perform ‘the speak’, a ceremony that brings forth more spirits and demons than the crew bargained for.

Director Anthony Pierce flips a switch on the supernatural genre and films an entire movie in one take. We follow a young film crew as they attempt to create a paranormal web series in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler A (mx) wrote: quirky film bout a crazy guy who thinks he's a superhero ends up getting the girl but changes to make his brother happy only to go back to his true self to get the girl back

Amrit S (ru) wrote: Indian film on kick boxing.. and the result of the final fight against the convention... hmm.....that's a first. But the lecture sounding dialoges could have been done away with

Chuck B (ca) wrote: It's kind of like a live action Shrek, but not as funny or clever. I couldn't figure out what age group the movie was trying to target. Anne Hathaway was good, but everyone else was really below her talent.

bob l (ag) wrote: Much more convoluted than it had to be, but still a rewarding, insightful story of love.

Benjamin D (nl) wrote: I would have ranked this movie lower but it was very well done. Although I enjoyed the movie, when it ended I just said to myself "if only that could happen in real life". As I said, it's well done, for a fairy tale. And for a pre-"brokeback" gay themed movie, it's a quality production. I think I may have liked the movie more if they would have taken a different direction at the end (Pike was too intense and shy, Dean seemed a better fit). I'm apprehensive to give it as high a mark as I have, except when I think about some of the failed attempts at gay themed movies...against those this movie stands out. Otherwise I would have rated it at 60%.

Alan S (gb) wrote: A slasher that works and entertains, also mixing suspense and a cast urban legends nice.

Andrew S (gb) wrote: I don't know why. but if I ever see it playing somewhere, I just might drop by and watch it again...

Carlos M (ag) wrote: It is surprising that this excellent film is so underrated and has never been appreciated as it should be. Dudley Moore is a great actor and a great comedian, and this is a hilarious story that takes a very honest look at the middle age crisis and inchoate yearnings.

Raja S (fr) wrote: The chance-meeting between two people, their friendship and relations, unexpected encounters and farewells make for the story-line. Its main theme is Man and Nature, the loving care of Man towards nature which is necessary to both sides. Another Kurosawa master-piece, where each frame is carefully composed to form a dramatic picture.

Peter F (fr) wrote: Released in 1971, Sunday, Bloody Sunday was certainly a marvel for it's time, due to it's attitude towards sexual politics. Not only did it center on a polygamous relationship, but it did not depict homosexual characters in a demeaning or stereotypical fashion. It's almost an unbelievable concept that Sunday, Bloody Sunday was made at all, no less a financial success. Unfortunately, the storytelling isn't quite as refined as the film's subject matter, as the film has issues with momentum, and it ends somewhat on a whimper. At it's best though, the movie is suitably sad and provocative, and holds a very integral place in queer cinema history.

Jen H (it) wrote: Classic. Love Maureen O'Hara.

Tommy D (es) wrote: How many terrific performances in The Ides of March!An extremely intriguing and well directed movie, definetely one of my favourite Political thrillers.Good job George!