The Specialist

The Specialist

May Munro is a woman obsessed with getting revenge on the people who murdered her parents when she was still a girl. She hires Ray Quick, a retired explosives expert to kill her parent's killers. When Ned Trent, embittered ex-partner of Quick's is assigned to protect one of Quick's potential victims, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.

Former CIA demolition expert Ray Quick lives in Miami, where he works as a hit man. Ray is coaxed out of retirement by May Munro to help her destroy the mafia that killed her family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chriss M (it) wrote: Hard to believe this was genuinely shot in one take. As many others have noted, a lot of suspicious camera shifts toward the pitch black! However, I give it the benefit of the doubt, and with that, it's due. To take a 1 hour, nineteen minute film in one take is quite a feat. Congratulations are deserved for Hernndez and the cast. At least for that.For the film as a whole, though. They deserve no credit. There is nothing here to be seen, often quite literally, since you're pretty much looking at black for a lot of the film. For the rest of the film you're pretty much watching someone wander through a house, with one plot hole so glaringly obvious that it rips the already tissue thin plot apart. Absolutely no reason to see it other than for the gimmick of 'real fear in real time'. Awful tagline...

Ricardo A (us) wrote: It's not bad, but it's not good either. Prowl tries to do something different but gets trapped in a long chase scene. We've seen worst.

Keith M (gb) wrote: I say watch it. It won't change your life. But there's lots of tongue in cheek humour and Jack Nicholson is always good.

Bill B (kr) wrote: Nicely constructed narrative that tells three separate but interlocking tales about lesbian women coming to terms with who they are, the loses they've suffered and sacrifices they make for happiness.Well worth a rental.

Movie K (nl) wrote: Simple and quite touching movie. In 1965, a small, cold coal mining town in Japan is facing the harsh reality. A big mine is closing down, with about 2000 workers been sacked. In its place a new entertainment Hawaiian Centre will open. It is to capitalize on the numerous hotspring in the town. Hula dancers are needed. Eri Tokunaga is really interested as she didn't want to be a coal miner for the rest of her life. She want her bestie Y Aoi to go with her and keep it a secret. During the meeting with the folks, all the women in the community saw the hula dance video and shun it, feeling it is flesh parade. Except for a mother Hatsuko. Later, a tall and shy girl Shizuyo Yamasaki is recommend by her father. The teacher Yasuko Matsuyuki is been ask to teach. She arrive in a drunk state. The next day her attitude clash with Aoi. The 2 young girls skip school to practise dance. One day, they peep at Yasuko dancing and is amaze, all of them are even more determine to learn. Aoi's brother Etsushi Toyokawa pee in front of Yasuko house and she splash water at him. Aoi mother know she is skipping school to dance and drag her home. They quarrel over their rights and Aoi is chase off home. She stay at the dance school. Yasuko agree to teach them from the basic and gradually they improve and get better. After sometime, Yasuko give the 4 of them dancing shoes. Next moment, more girls join the dance group. When they first appear in the proper dance costume, they feel shy. Eri is happy to take the photo together with Aoi. Eri father receive the termination letter. She wear the costume for her younger siblings to see. The father return home angrily and especially seeing her like that, beat her up, cut her long hair and wreck the whole house. She decided to quit from the dance group as they are all moving away to another town. Aoi said she will quit as well but Eri didn't allow. She want her to succeed and say she will be happy to know she is in the same photograph as her when she become famous. It is really sad and touching when Eri bid farewell to the girls and Yasuko who gave her a sunglass. Aoi can't concentrate at night practise and Yasuko scolded her. Aoi run off and Etsushi saw her and cheer her on. He wish for her to succeed and return home in glory. Next day onwards, they are going for publicity tour. First performance is full of mistakes and some places the audiences just have no interest and ended up throwing things to and fro. The girls fight in the bus and Yasuko is so angry she gets off. They apologise and get together. She introduce cheers to the group and hula girls as their moniker. They start to gel and improve. Then there's an accident in the mine. Shizuyo father is injured. All the girls are worried and want to return home. One question Yasuko been professional means not going to see parent even if they are injured. Then Shizuyo says she is going to stay and continue to dance and know that is what her father will want. So everyone stays. When they return, her father is dead. The folks blame Yasuko for been such a cruel cold-heart woman. Though its not her fault, she takes the blame. They want her to get lost from the town. She only want the folks to note of the hula girls effort to save the town. The shipped palm trees are withering of the freeze. A worker plead for stoves to warm them but is rejected. Eri had send a parcel to Aoi. Her mum bring it to her in school and saw her dance. Later, her mother collect stoves and urge others to help the town. She has open up to the ideas of the new age. The hula girls went to the train station to stop Yasuko from leaving. Finally the Hawaiian Centre opens and the girls perform to standing ovation. Aoi wear the hair clip that Eri send to her and perform her solo. Her mother also came to watch and is so proud. In 1976, the last mine close with more people losing jobs. Continuing to future, Yasuko been 70 plus of age still teaches hula dance at the town.

Akshay M (de) wrote: What a beautiful piece of cinema. It's disturbing, lovely, emotional and thought provoking at the same time with some brilliant performance by it's ensemble cast.

Ken Q (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed The Red violin. The symbols of the tarot cards and the color red of the violin, very interesting. Great storytelling.

its me (mx) wrote: I loved this movie as a kid. Eliza Dushku and Katherine Heigl were in it.

Michael M (ca) wrote: The gorgeous scenery is Alberta and British Columbia and the urban settings were Gas Town, Vancouver. The film itself is overwrought and right out of a Mills & Boone novel. And Brad Pitt's hair!! Where was his adviser when he was let loose with this 'look'? Long hippy-dippy hair does not necessarily denote a wild man. Save your money and get "The Horse Whisperer" if you want a better story and equally superb locations.

Charles S (jp) wrote: anger management 2 ft. John Heder in another role that makes me think that NAPOLEON DYNAMITE was a fluke.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: Altho ostensibly about the Duke chasing greedy, unscrupulous kidnappers (with Richard Boone the leering leader of despicable baddies), this tale mainly involves an errant father's careful rebonding with his distrustful offspring ... and the Duke's folksy charm does just that, after a few butt-kicking fistfights and a coupla shootouts, naturally.

Jordan S (ag) wrote: Great movie that is just as funny as the original show. Hope sales are good and the series comes back!