The Spirit Is Willing

The Spirit Is Willing

When Ben and Kate Powell (Sid Caesar and Vera Miles) rent a haunted New England house by the sea, their son Steve (Barry Gordon) gets blamed for the destruction caused by three unruly ghosts. Another of 'exploitation king' William Castle's supernatural films, this one is studded with familiar character actors including Harvey Lembeck, Mary Wickes, John McGiver, Doodles Weaver, Jesse White and John ("Gomez Addams") Astin.

A couple and their teenage son rent a haunted New England seaside house, and their summer vacation turns into a ghost-hunt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karl M (au) wrote: What's really fascinating about this movie's action is how real it feels. In most movies, anyone who gets shot just falls down with a blood stain. Here, visible suffering raises the stakes of revenge and survival in a meaningful way.

Joerg H (nl) wrote: Rather lame with only one twist.

Brian P (de) wrote: one of my favorite action/drama movies ever

Stasia B (ag) wrote: Got to see On The Ice at Sundance, and it is not to be missed!! A poignant - and suspenseful - film, set against a truly stunning backdrop with hauntingly beautiful music. The performances are personal, there is real craft to the story-telling, and the film offers insight into a community most of us have little familiarity with. Go see it while you can!

Serious D (ag) wrote: Hobs vs dom was spectacular and the ending sequence was great

Jesse O (kr) wrote: In some ways this is a better movie than The Raid, Gareth Evans' next movie. And what I mean by that is that, even though overall The Raid is much better as far as an action film with frenetic and nonstop action, this one has a better story. I think this film is broader than The Raid to the point where if you don't like action films, you'll hate The Raid. This one, even if you hate martial arts, I think you'd still be able to get into the 'story'. Don't get my words twisted though, overall, I enjoyed The Raid more but it had literally no story to speak of and what little there was was a chore to get through. The story here, while really very simple and an excuse to get you to the next fighting scene, is very simple but, surprisingly, solid. Yes, it is predictable and not particularly inventive, but it does a good job at making you at least care a little bit for the characters. The thing about Gareth Evans, and he's known mostly for genre films, but I think that he's a good filmmaker period and I think that's what sets him apart from the pack. Yes, he has an incredible eye for action and how to edit them for maximum impact. Hell, he also has an eye for horror if his short in VHS 2 is any indication. But I think that regardless of that eye for style, I think that if he set out to make a straight-up drama, with no action or horror, he'd do a great job because he knows how to shoot his actors and how to place the create tension even without all the 'smoke and mirrors'. You can notice it in here and you sure as shit can notice it in The Raid. I think the fighting scenes in this film are really good, but, understandably so, they're a little step behind what The Raid eventually accomplished. The fight scenes look a little more choreographed here and I don't wanna say they're poorly edited, but you can certainly notice the jumps and it doesn't feel like one large fight with many twists and turns. That's something that was definitely fixed in The Raid. There's so much going on in that film, you could have guys having a hand-to-hand battle while seventeen other guys were shooting at them with AK-47s and it all looks smooth and fast, and like it's happening all at the same time with very little to no noticeable cuts. That situation is an exaggeration of course, but there's literally so much going on in The Raid that you'd have to watch it a second time to notice all the nooks and crannies. The Raid is an editing masterpiece. I almost hate to compare the two, but I think it's almost inevitable. That's not to say the action scenes in this movie are bad, far from it, they're very good and superbly choreographed. But that's also part of the problem, it looks too rehearsed and it doesn't feel organic or natural at all. Still, with the combination of the action and the solid story, this film is a very good movie. It has its flaws, but it's nice seeing a director's "formative" years, as Gareth did another movie before this one. Regardless, this is a damn good martial arts movie.

Anne W (kr) wrote: Ben quelqu'un m'a propose ce film(parce que Jean-Baptise Maunier...), on l'a regarde le soir de Noel, et c'etait comme ci comme ca en fait.

Rachel L (jp) wrote: Very inspiring movie. I got teared up when Flicka got hurt and the whole scene when Katy is sick and her dad is sitting by her side...*sigh*

Ashley O (es) wrote: The most touching movie I have ever had the joy of watching. And with my favorite pianist of all time doing the music how could it of gotten any better.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: A motley crew of losers, wasters and psychopaths have-it-out in the suburbs of Dublin. A terrific assembled cast and a clever engaging story--Refreshing escape from the mainstream!!

Adam A (ru) wrote: "Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl" is an exciting and quite entertaining adventure that manages to fall into the same hole your mundane blockbuster already have been trapped inside. However it bring a lot of fun to the screen too!

Bjorn O (gb) wrote: Ok, om demest knda amerikanska seriemrdarna skulle varit ett pojkband s skulle Charles Manson varit ledaren ( ja, jag vet att han inte var med och mrdade Sharon Tate), John Wayne Gayce varit den rolige och sprallige, Ted Bundy skulle varit snyggingen som alla tjejer skrek efter. Den hr filmen r skit, det finns bara tv bra saker med den, ngra indieltar p soundtracket som r trevliga och att Parker Lewis spelar Bundy.

Tyson P (ca) wrote: a pretty good lil flick about neo nazis. in the end it all seems a bit pointless though doesnt it

Lorrie K (ca) wrote: Painfully bad. Even bad for the time it was made in and even bad for a Stephen King. Ugh!

Bradley H (ru) wrote: A movie so bad, so cheesy, so absurd...that it's great! Bette Davis leads an awful cast on a wild goose chase to nowhere, which makes it all the more charming.

Jimmy P (br) wrote: Whoa! This is a total unknown classic. This shows what cinema is all about. it is cinema poetry. It was made by a group of some of the early famous modern artist such as Man Ray tec. Surreal, crazy and influential.

Jacob E (jp) wrote: By far my favorite Cagney film. A must see tale of two friends, one a gangster and one a priest, and their influence on the youth of the neighborhood. Also features a great early Humphrey Bogart performance.

Joetaeb D (br) wrote: J. Edgar is a deeply flawed film in many prospects (storytelling, depth, filming, lighting, etc.) But Leonardo DiCaprio shines throughout and it's kind of ambitious to use makeup to portray Edgar's aging without other actors, even if it isn't that fully convincing at times.

Buggy B (br) wrote: 06/02/15 political drama involving the oil industry, a cia agent, an energy analyst, a prince and an oil tycoon are among those caught in a deadly web of corruption.

Marcio R (us) wrote: The movie that introduced me to Ezra Miller. It's such a deep and disturbing movie, with amazing acting.Tilda is the real protagonist here and she is flawless, portraying a frustrated and lonely mother, and so is Ezra with the unnerving and unforgetable Kevin. We Need to Talk About Kevin is definitively a haunting work.