The Spirit of Money

The Spirit of Money

A documentary about our payment system and some solutions for the future.

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The Spirit of Money torrent reviews

Brad S (br) wrote: - I've seen countless times now, I laugh every time. Vaughn is hilarious.- Just watched it again, one of the few movies I can watch over and over again and not get tired of it.

Matt V (us) wrote: Lame humor, but not a completely terrible movie. Anything with Jeremy Piven I like, though.

Dougal S (br) wrote: Another 80s MTV horror flicks that used to fill the video shelves back in the day. Vamp ticks all the boxes - synth pop-rock soundtrack, a smattering of fringe brat-pack actors, big hair (and that's just the men), flashy camera angles, bright lighting and a camped up pun filled script.The story revolves around two teenagers who agree to find a stripper for a frat house party and duly set off with a nerdy fellow student (who has a car) into the nearby city to procure one. After a run in with a strange street gang they wind up in a seedy back street strip club where they hope to hire an aforementioned stripper only to discover it's actually a nest of vampires out to ensnare unwary revellers.The whole thing kicks along at a fine pace as the hapless gang lurch from one disastrous encounter to another in a bid to escape the vamps. Anyone who has seen the Tarrantino / Rodriguez film 'From Dusk Til Dawn' will be well versed in the story as it owes more than a debt of gratitude to this earlier offering. The big draw here is Grace Jones who plays the lead vampire and main stripper and turns in her usual eccentric performance as she slinks about the set without uttering a single word throughout the film. The rest of the cast are the regular set of 80s straight-to-video folks that you've seen on numerous occasions and all manage to inject a sense of fun throughout into what is a very thin plot. The gore and horror is minimal (the adult rating presumably based on the stripping scenes) but it's an enjoyable flick none-the-less.One for fans of the genre and anyone who wants a more adult bit of 80s fun.

Matt G (fr) wrote: Comedies, maybe more than any other genre, are extremely subjective, and Brooks style of loving spoofs is especially so. As with most of his films, the Hitchock send-up High Anxiety's calling card is complete stupidity. There are definitely some primal laughs (the newspaper scene, the fight), but really too juvenile for me to fully buy in.

Laura A (au) wrote: A movie like no other. I never found un-interesting to be so interesting.

John Y (jp) wrote: Clark Gable returns to greatness with this one.

Idy H (de) wrote: Very good graphics and cinematic for its time

Greg R (jp) wrote: L-A-M-E One of the worst most contrived movies I've ever seen. Just awful