The Spiritual Boxer

The Spiritual Boxer

Wang Yu plays a vagabond who earn a living on people's superstitions, but also puts things right. (A Shaw Brothers production)

Wang Yu plays a vagabond who earn a living on people's superstitions, but also puts things right. (A Shaw Brothers production) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Skyler J (ag) wrote: Didn't expect much, got a lot. Huge twist, well developed story, well done.

Thomas P (au) wrote: this movie made me wanna get out of here and just run for the hills

John E (au) wrote: Zero Day is a film that shows the initial plan, process, and eventual shooting massacre of a high school at the helm of two misunderstood individuals. The overall concept of such a film is one that leaves a mark on the viewer as a whole and represents the scary part of our society and the reality it brings to life. The concept for the filming process was a good one as the acting was everything that it was to be expected as were the script and direction. The direction of the film, by Ben Coccio (film debut), did a good job with the means that he was given and turned what seemed like a project into a legitimate work of art. The basis of using handheld cameras and making it a documentary made a director seem almost unnecessary, but therein lays the hardship of trust to his unknown actors. With this trust he was able to get the most out of them and make a well rounded film, something hard to do when it is a mock-documentary film. The script, written by Ben Coccio (film debut) and Christopher Coccio (film debut) in general seemed to be more like an guideline for improvisation that let two main characters run away some lines on the screen. Whether all was scripted or improvised, the detail to which the main characters went about detailing the attack, the reasons for it, and how the weapons and practice with them were acquired. This detailed helped to acquire an understanding that the audience could almost sympathize with, gaining some perspective from the two boys and helped to make it a more enjoyable film. The acting was about what was to be expected. Andre Keuck (film debut) did a good job as the dominant leader and ultimate planner of the attack that the two boys unleashed upon their high school. The concept of him was based on a real character, though it is unknown if he was anything like the actual person. He still maintained his composure throughout much of the film and even held up his acting ability through some scenes where he appeared to have emotions beyond the anger he was usually prescribed to. Cal Robertson (film debut) did a good job as the second member of this violent plan and seemed to follow at almost every command. At times he seemed unsure of the plan but still held on to his friend's ideas and carried on with it despite the fact he might have had the ability to see light at the end of a dark tunnel. Though there were times his character was almost flat and almost just a present body, it seemed to fit because of how his indeterminate personality. Nonetheless, he was still a good fit. The two had a good chemistry as well, which made the film more enjoyable. Without this chemistry, the film might not have been as well portrayed and could have suffered at the hands of acting immaturity, something that the viewer will not witness here. The overall concept of the film is one that is chilling. It shows how easily violence can be found and the mind process of those who go to an extreme. While this subject matter is quite sore for many people, the basis of the film is quite good and is made even better by the fact that it is a mock-documentary style film. The director did a good job with the script and direction of young actors who were in the debuts, making this film one of the better of any released of its kind. Though this may be a tough watch, the viewer of the film will not leave unsatisfied.

Stefan K (it) wrote: Other than the references to the giant spider in the third act ripped from Kevin Smith's actual experiences...pretty lame.

Tasos L (mx) wrote: Erotic gore...something you don't come across, very often...

Nestor N (au) wrote: Silly romantic story, but it was worth for a couple of actors and mostly for the music and for the chance to be transported to Rio de Janeiro. I also loved to see a young actrees who would star a novela at Globo years later. I forgot her name. The novela was names "O Clone". I loved her. Un poco simple la historia, pero vale la pena ver a grandes actores como Fagundes, Cardoso y la joven actriz que despues protagonizaria O Clone, novela de la Globo.

Christopher C (ag) wrote: A movie that is funny and entertaining throughout. Watching it, you sincerely hope that the four protagonists will fulfil their task. Through a series of tests and scenarios these four friends prove their love for rock and roll to be true. And of course an amazing soundtrack, but with bands like Kiss, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy and other great rock legends, you can't go wrong.

Blake P (ru) wrote: One wouldn't expect hilarity to ensue when in the process of searching for one's biological parents, and I suppose "Flirting with Disaster" is one of the first screwball comedies to find the facetious humor in a subject matter so usually serious. It's no surprise that it comes from the abhorrent mind of David O. Russell, who has given us comedy gems like 2004's polarizing "I Heart Huckabees" and 2012's instant classic "Silver Linings Playbook". Only his second feature, "Flirting with Disaster" further establishes his eye for character driven comedy, putting his leads in precarious situation after precarious situation just to delight his viewers and boast his enviable ability to act as a '90s era Preston Sturges. Plot comes second to sublimely crafted misunderstandings. It stars Ben Stiller as Mel Coplin, a new father convinced that he cannot name his son until he meets his biological parents, much to the annoyance of his wife, Nancy (Patricia Arquette), and his neurotic mother and father (Mary Tyler Moore and George Segal). After a few visits to his former adoption agency, he is finally given the answers needed to track down the people who abandoned him so many years ago; and so he and his wife hit the road, baby and sexy adoption agency employee Tina (Ta Leoni) in tow. But what should be a simple journey of self-discovery goes haywire when Tina's incompetence leads them to a various number of strangers, one comic situation piling on top of another. And it doesn't help that Tina, effortlessly tempting, acts as a sex symbol in comparison to the moody, out-of-sorts Nancy. She could easily derail their marriage. Funny how much of the film's humor doesn't branch off of Stiller, Arquette, or Leoni - they are a gaggle of straight-mans in a land of scene-stealers. Comedic champions await us after every wrong turn comes to an end. First we're introduced to Moore and Segal, who bicker with the over-the-top ticklishness of George Costanza's parents and make shrewd observations to Arquette's Nancy without noticing their inappropriateness. Then we get Celia Weston (the first in a line of faux biological parents), a blond screwball who forgives Mel for knocking over her entire China collection - it's a chance to make up for all the childhood accidents that never got to happen! - until Tina delivers the news that they're not related and it's demanded that damages must be paid. After, we find ourselves in the presence of the gay cops (Josh Brolin and Richard Jenkins) who arrest Mel for a misunderstanding involving a semi-truck and hey! - one of them knows Nancy from a few years ago. Our final destination comes in the form of Mary and Richard Schlichting (Lily Tomlin and Alan Alda), Mel's actual parents with an angsty teenage son and a bad habit of lawbreaking. "Flirting with Disaster" is irreverent in the most giddy of ways, finding its comedy in unusual places, thoroughly appealing and fantastically written. Perhaps Russell should be in charge of more comedies of this sort; humor on a chaotic, human level is much more appetizing than bodily fixated gross-outs. "Flirting with Disaster", dare I say it, is one of the most underrated movies of the 1990s, not necessarily because it's a masterpiece but because it is so often sidelined as an early Russell project instead of a singular, wonderfully amusing film.

Carlos M (br) wrote: Monroe and Bacall are charming and charismatic as ever, but in an only occasionally amusing (yet outdated and rarely really funny) story about three women trying to catch a rich man to marry - a plot that, let's be honest, may not be everyone's idea of a good, fun comedy.

Dominique S (fr) wrote: Best performances by Ginger Rogers and Dennis Morgan

Kristie L (fr) wrote: Another sweet romantic comedy from Sandler and Barrymore. They are hilarious and so great together

Brad G (it) wrote: This not-your-typical slasher goes into some extremely dark places with Dan Grimaldi's Norman Batesy pyro BBQing and collecting victims while also battling literal inner voices birthed from child abuse. He's a horrible human, but he's also so child-likey pathetic with his bedroom disco rockin' and chair hoppin' that you do feel sorry for him. Yep, Don't Go In The House is way awkward at times and cheaply put together, but it really sets itself apart from more mainstream fair like Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street. Worth a check for you horror fans. VF.

Justin B (us) wrote: Golf pun aside, it's one of the only Sandler comedies that sits above par. It's the usual routine but maybe it just worked better the first time.

Sam M (it) wrote: Good plot, not a repeat of the original so it's got its own thing which also is fresh.