The Squad

The Squad

The air is thick with tension as a military squad proceeds to the foot of a mountain base, where they're ordered to wait for backup and hold their position. The mountain is shrouded in fog and the men are exhausted. They've been fighting guerrillas on enemy turf for some time, and they're worn down by the stress and anxiety of battle. The men don't want to wait; they want to charge up the hill, fearing that their comrades in the base have been overrun by the guerrillas. The squad's leader tries futilely to keep his men in line while dealing with his insolent second-in-command.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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After losing contact with a military base, a high mountain unit is sent to investigate. Upon arrival, they find only a woman in chains. Isolation and the impossibility of escape serve to undermine the soldiers' judgment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Squad torrent reviews

Alanna H (ca) wrote: Definitely should give it a watch.

Meng S (br) wrote: What could have been a dumb cliche mess made to attract clueless teens ends up being a mature and well told story. Miike applies his sensibility and creates a perfect balance between the serious and the absurd. I found myself quite surprised at how engaged i was with the story and the characters. Of course, everyone is suppose to look "cool" and "badass" and what not, but the characters actually have well defined personalities and are more than just tiredsome cartoons of "coolness". The cast is great and the soundtrack a blast.

John V (mx) wrote: First off, the title "Columbus Day" has no significance to this movie. The movie is extremely slow-paced and we expect things to happen that never do. There are characters in this film who are interested in finding the main character John (Val Kilmer) but we never find out who most of them are. We never find out what's so valuable in John's stolen black case that is apparently worth dying for. So definitely not an action movie. But even as a character study it's not interesting. The movie begins with John wanting two things: to sell his valuable stolen loot (whatever it is) and to get his wife back that he left years ago. He doesn't start off as a hard ass or "bad guy" so there's really no change in his character. He's a nice guy from the get-go. Most of John's time is spent talking on either his cell phone or the phone in the phone booth. Another large piece of his time is spent talking to a young boy who hangs out in Echo Park instead of going to school. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, including people I don't like.

Kim T (au) wrote: Great movie!! love love.. :)

Jared P (nl) wrote: Schwarzenegger's most underrated flick

Rikard H (mx) wrote: bra fr att va colin

Claire T (ru) wrote: funny film but I do not want this movie on DVD, it starred John Goodman has Ralph but I don't think it was a great movie just an ok film

Jacob B (it) wrote: It may not be as charming as any of Mel Brooks' other films, but every scene has some laughs to it. Many Hitchcock fans will get the film references that Mr. Brooks spoofs.

Adam K (ca) wrote: Wow! Not for the faint hearted, this provocative film by Oshima is based on the true story of Sada Abe, who in 1936 Japan murdered her lover after a torrid and obsessive relationship. Never screened in Japan due to its explicit nature, the film is an amazing chamber piece with outstanding performances from the amazingly brave lead actors. A cause celebre on release, this film has been described as high class smut, an examination of sexual obsession or a metaphor for Japan's descent into madness, war and fascism. Perhaps it is all these things and more. A disturbing and arresting masterpiece.

Spencer B (au) wrote: A great finally to an amazing show.

Sarah L (nl) wrote: the blurb about this movie sounded really good but it just didn't live up to it! I was kinda dissappionted!