The Square Peg

The Square Peg

Norman Pitkin and Mr Grimsdale are council workmen mending the road outside an Army base when they come into conflict with the military. Shortly afterwards, they get drafted and fall into the clutches of the Sergeant they have just bested. They are sent to France to repair roads in front of the Allied advance but get captured. Pitkin takes advantage of a useful similarity to impersonate General Schreiber and manages to return a hero

Norman and Mr Grimsdale are council workmen mending the road outside an Army base when they come into conflict with the military. Shortly afterwards, they get drafted and fall into the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie M (ru) wrote: A fun script, but poor acting and cinematography chipped away at the potential of this film.

Facebook U (br) wrote: Obviously very well done. Since based on a child book, the story is disneyesque at times. The war reenactments and locations are positively stunning of realism. The story is also too excellent to be true, although we feel the danger and see much killings. The fights in France were just killing fields for able men. In reality, most war horses were used for meat at the end of the war.

Wayne K (us) wrote: Literally the nicest thing that I can say about The Bunny Game is that it's competently made. The video quality is good, and the director has a fair grasp on how to hold and move the camera. But technical competency aside, it's a difficult sit. The main character, who admittedly is played with earnesty and commitment by Rodleen Getsic, doesn't have a real personality, her only distinguishing trait being that she's a rampant drug addict, which is a character description to be featured on the DVD box, not something that makes her relatable or likable. The film is endlessly repetitive, full of loud, hyperactive editing and countless shots of a fat, creepy truck driver licking our protagonist. It fails to be interesting or involving, opting simply for exploitative, and despite being only 76 minutes, you'll lose patience with it long before it ends.

Peter P (ru) wrote: A very sad attempt to cash in on MMA's popularity. The story is slow and stupid, the acting terrible, and naked women sadly just seem to pop up for no reason. The worst thing was seeing great fighters in this, especially Georges St. Pierre, who is better then this and should never allow his name to be attached with such garbage again.

Joey F (it) wrote: Chris Nolan's first, and most criminally underrated feature. It amazes me how he's able to construct such an interesting, and confusing story around such a simple concept as this. My one gripe is that the non linear structure isn't quite as perfected as it is in, say, The Prestige, and it makes for moments where you're not quite sure who you're looking at (the grayscale doesn't help there either). I ended up getting it by the end though, so I still think it's great.

Justin Y (de) wrote: wow... i haven't seen or heard of this movie in years. i loved this movie as a kid

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: I've been a long time fan of David Cronenberg's output, but didn't like Cosmopolis and found A Dangerous Method lacking, so had low expectations for this, coupled with its luke warm reception (at best). HoweverI found this to be pretty engaging with some interesting performances. Cronenberg's direction is the usually unfussy and almost clinical approach, whilst not on the par of some his better films, still worth a watch.

Paula L (mx) wrote: Os meus queridos delegados de propaganda m (C)dica que me perdoem...

Sanal R (ca) wrote: Its like living through a nightmare. Quite intense and disturbing.

Grant H (kr) wrote: Pretty good movie. Though the story and its themes are fairly standard for Braff, they're still delivered fairly well with some solid humor, visually stylish direction and good performances from its cast, especially King and Gad.