The Squeeze

The Squeeze

A retired safe cracker is recruited by a young conman to return to the "business" for a million dollar heist.

A retired safe cracker is recruited by a young conman to return to the "business" for a million dollar heist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JustManoj H (ag) wrote: A high octane thrill ride!!

Michael D (br) wrote: Heavy handed and fairly one-dimensional characters in this but Arestrup as usual gives a compelling performance.

Dean M (ag) wrote: A quite engaging documentary but ultimately it left me feeling like it was a little overdone on the fear factor. Certainly a fascinating take on the strange world of celebrity and it??s place in modern Italy from the top down.

Geoff J (fr) wrote: Fairly enjoyable B-Movie nonsense. Has enough scares and intrigue to get you through the poor acting and character motivations.

kara k (it) wrote: ^.^ LOVE IT..i own the whole set

Fabio V (us) wrote: This movie felt to kiddish to me, but the idea and plot had more potential. I feel if it was fitted more for PG-13 audience it might of been better !

Santosh D (jp) wrote: oh how i love this movie since my childhood- watch it over and again. Aamir has done the role of a high ranking official so well, and Naseeruddin has played a cold hearted white collar criminal so well it is a real pleasure to watch. The songs are fantastic, and needless to say Sonali is so beautiful your eyes will pop out- entertainment at its best. when i review a hindi movie, especially of the last decade, i have to make room for the cliches that are abundant, and this movie is no exception, still it shines from other movies all the same.

Kevin S (ru) wrote: Unbelievable! One of the best music films ever made!

luke v (kr) wrote: this is a really funny dark comedy, I like all the characters, great writing and great pacing. and the relationship between Harold and Maude is just wonderful! so totally check it out!!!

Sarah H (au) wrote: A good disaster movie. Disaster movies are one of my favorite genres of movies. This one was enjoyable, and I had a good time watching it. Gregory Peck is excellent in this movie.

tony c (es) wrote: You know, Igor, I'm beginning to regret that I brought you back to life.

Garrett M (ru) wrote: The most notable sequence is the concluding chase, which later became a Hitchcock speciality.

Leo M (de) wrote: Its likeable for the diversity of casting and great actors. However, its a little bit of a drag and that makes it boring. The special effects are B budget and not Hemsworth worthy. This will likely go down as a guilty pleasure just because I want to see the diverse cast. They acted well and the content is modern and interesting. The storytelling is just off.

Neil K (kr) wrote: It's always painful to watch this movie. As a long-standing Star Trek fan I am obliged by law to watch all star trek material periodically :-) I hate watching this one - and primarily because of the soundtrack. It is obnoxious beyond belief. How this score ever was approved just boggles the imagination. It is bombastic and just plain rude, but mostly it is irritating as all get out. And secondly, the sequences are often too long. All in all, this movie just plain sucks - I can;t whitewash it.

Tim M (ca) wrote: 6 short stories with bumps that take place in a creepy abandoned theater with a stage populated by people acting like marionettes. Good variety, low-budget. The Savini short is well directed and the vore finale is definitely worth watching.