The Star Maker

The Star Maker

The adventures and deceptions of a photographer who travels through the small villages of Sicily pretending that he is working for the big film studios in Rome.

"Dottore" Joe Moretti travels round Sicily doing screen tests for the big Roman studios. He's a conman and takes money or favours for his efforts. Beata, a young illiterate convent girl ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Martin Al A (kr) wrote: Very poor movie. The acting was diabolical and I don't think I jumped once! Not recommended.

Corine C (br) wrote: Great rental. Romantic and charming.

Chris G (nl) wrote: A well put together documentary that humanizes candidates beyond their image and shows the stress a presidential campaign puts on a family.

FilmGrinder S (ag) wrote: A brand of comedy that only Boll can deliver.

Eric A (mx) wrote: An overwrought, underwhelming script and disjointed, lazy direction from Abi Morgan and Phyllida Lloyd -- who have proven themselve great theater talents but completely confused and out of their collective element as screenwriters and directors -- severely belittle what could have been a fascinating character study of one of the most fascinating, and controversial, public figures in recent memory. And, worst of all, it wastes a pretty stellar performance from the usually-overrated Meryl Streep, renders the usually-great Jim Broadbent befuddlingly mediocre, and totally underutilizes Anthony Head, who puts forth a solid, understated performance in a criminally small role.

Tish (gb) wrote: Laughed my ass of with this one.. XD like DRAMA all over the place XD... But it was so fun XD...

Rock Y (mx) wrote: I think they were going for Prime Suspect but got stuck. Still nice to see Paris and watch cute men run around looking tough.

David S (mx) wrote: Albert Brooks' first and best film. Funny, intelligent, and scathing in its satirical punches. Begins to lose focus near the end, but still a gem of a comedy.

Kristi T (ru) wrote: Love this movie! But perhaps you have to be a gardener to really get it. For me, it is a classic feel good movie that I know I'll watch again!

Gisleine D (nl) wrote: Tribunal bsico, bem previsvel... Depende mais do seu humor no dia. hoje vale 2,5. Na T.P.M., de repente... rsrsrs

Karie B (nl) wrote: i saw this when i was of the first movies i remember loving

Orlok W (jp) wrote: Jaunty murder mystery!!

Wade F (ag) wrote: funny movie, with a kind of mushy message. and really good acting, good comedic timing, its very funny, Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd work well together hope they divide to make a sequel to it

Al K (jp) wrote: Good movie! Seemed like it ended a bit quickly, but still good!