The Star of Africa

The Star of Africa

Biographic Movie of the German fighter ace, who was killed in a plane crash after over 150 kills in North Africa.

Biographic Movie of the German fighter ace, who was killed in a plane crash after over 150 kills in North Africa. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lulinda L (it) wrote: Made me cry and really liked it!

Asif K (es) wrote: i don't like to watch short movies

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Darrell T (nl) wrote: A decent crime drama, that hasn't aged wellIn the last 20 years...due to much better movies that have come along since, like Donnie Brasco, Blow & American Gangster...this is more like a glorified TV show with bad music.

Peter W (au) wrote: Like most spaghetti westerns you learn revenge is never easy.

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Ian B (us) wrote: Incredible movie with subtle meanings packed throughout. Spot on writing, acting, designing, direction.It's an awesome piece of awesome awesomeness.

Norm d (mx) wrote: A fun caper that's a bit hard to follow and all about breaking the 4th Wall (look it up). But who cares? It's a nutso faux noir romp and the leads nail it, especially Monaghan & Downey. What straight guy doesn't want to marry Michelle?! An auspicious directorial debut for Shane Black. The cinematography is uncommonly good for a mid-budget flick. Notice the color layers throughout - foregrounds, mid-grounds, backgrounds. Very effective. A good entertainment at a good runtime length.

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Garett K (mx) wrote: Awesome Story! I loved it! Good Stuff.