The Stone Face

The Stone Face

After losing his son in a traffic accident and his wife to mental illness, Harry moves to a gloomy Stockholm suburb. A local youth gang is harassing the neighborhood and Harry comes up with the idea of hiring the gang to kill the bureaucrats who are responsible for the construction of the suburb. The film is a fierce critique of the political project of building suburbs designed only for workers to sleep in and also wants to have a say in the debate over nature vs nurture.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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After losing his son in a traffic accident and his wife to mental illness, Harry moves to a gloomy Stockholm suburb. A local youth gang is harassing the neighborhood and Harry comes up with... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (de) wrote: Mission to Lars is the story of the Spicer children; older sister Kate, middle child Tom and their younger brother William, the hook here is that Tom has Fragile X, a form of autism. Tom like so many with his condition lives in a specialized residence away from his family and in constant care. It has been Tom's dream for many years to meet Lars Ulrich, drummer in the band Metallica. The film charts their attempts to help make their brother's dream come true whilst at the same time forcing them to reassess and reappraise their family connection with a brother they feel they are guilty of neglecting.The appeal here is quite simple, the story of two siblings arranging for their brother to meet his rock god hero is just the framing device for a story about family relationships. Even the few scenes intended to inform the viewer about the condition are provided through the brother and sister expanding their own understanding of what their brother lives with. It makes for compelling viewing, as it is pure voyeurism, an expose of the Spicer family. Although one finds it hard to believe the entire trip went as well as it did here, there is no doubt either that they have really held back in terms of content either. This unpolished approach to the difficult family interactions allows for two other factors to creep in and to creep in successfully. The first is that the audience is instantly transported into the role of the frustrated sister; we are not viewing her through the fourth wall we are right in the action with her. This in turn feeds the second, the viewer is also anxiously waiting, and the viewer is also worried that Tom will retreat from the situation or that Metallica will cancel everything.The film is not without its faults; the brother William is an unsympathetic character and thankfully the editor has kept his interaction from behind the camera to a minimum. There's also an attempt at building a narrative bridge before the crescendo of the concert finale through a montage set to Devendra Banhart's "Cripple Crow" which feels at best tacked on, at worst like something from a different film that was edited in by mistake (and I like Devendra Banhart).At its core is a film that will make most viewers rethink (even just a little) their perceptions of people with autism and the struggle their families must have, a film that will serve as an eloquent reminder of the true human nature that lies within people with autism. However, its uneven tempo and unpolished nature will perhaps rob it of long term appeal or repeat viewings.

Anna C (ag) wrote: Great proof of acting, especially from Al Pacino; the movie is quite enjoyable, typical trial story, inspired by real facts, which makes you also think... this is as much as I want from a movie.

Jessica B (ag) wrote: Loved the movie! Luke Wilson is great in the movie.

Tyler V (jp) wrote: The Lochley story was a little boring, but I really enjoyed the Sheridan one. I'm also shocked that the budget wasn't a little better for this one. JMS better take WB up on the offer for a feature film soon.

Sreeju H (gb) wrote: Excellent Film By Super Star

John M (ca) wrote: Evocative, charming, with some nicely poetic moments.

Natalie W (ag) wrote: It had some really good laughs. Enjoyable and light-hearted. Not too Bollywood, too, which is nice.

Cassandra M (us) wrote: Innovative, tense and unnerving tale that is also very stylish, with inspired visuals, imaginative use of sound and spectacular editing. It is also a little confusing upon first viewing but it is clear by the end that everything did make sense. An intelligent work that deals with gender/work issues, psychological make up and it's consequences plus the question of dealing with cult 'victims'. In short a lot of ground is covered and it should not be forgotten that this is still a rattling good yarn involving a serial killer who acts each Monday on a Tokyo underground line at 6.00 pm. Setsuko is called in to help police with the case, she having had experience in the field and,, it turns out, worked rather closely with another certain gentleman who we meet a little later. The b/w security camera sequences shot in his clinic are possibly a little long but it is fearsome stuff

pete 1 (gb) wrote: not one of the bet out of the series,has its moments some of the humour is abit datedgreat cast

kevin s (gb) wrote: Fun if run-of-the-mill early 80's slasher features decent performances and a solid twist ending.

Johnny N (ca) wrote: Great Film, gamers must watch.