The Storm

The Storm


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hotel,   disaster,   sea,  

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The Storm torrent reviews

Augustine H (de) wrote: Excellent performances from Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep and Ed Harris. A thought-provoking film in depicting the philosophical views of lives. Enlightening.

John W (br) wrote: I'm so glad there is a zero star rating

Cole M (us) wrote: A thrilling, fun, and smart film. Without a doubt, Jack Sholder's best film.

B S (ca) wrote: Pretty good movie in a 50s 'blob' style.I really enjoyed it. :)

Andrew M (br) wrote: Paul isn't going to appeal to everyone: moviegoers without a strong connection to sci-fi, especially that of 70s/80s Spielberg, and nerd culture won't have the same kind of effect as it will on someone familiar with those things. This is a film for nerds, by nerds. Fortunately, it's just accessible enough to appeal to most anyone; a fortunate thing for sure, because it's a pretty enjoyable time. The plot is ultimately little more than a road trip movie with a sci-fi twist, but there's plenty of gags that are quite amusing, and Greg Mottola brings the same kind of charm that made Superbad and Adventureland such memorable experiences too. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (who actually wrote this movie) continue to share perfect chemistry, and work perfectly with one another even without the direction of Edgar Wright. The supporting cast is good across the board, from frequent Mottola collaborator Bill Hader and Jason Bateman in a role he's not quite known for, to a foul-mouthed Kristen Wiig and a surprise cameo from a sci-fi legend. Seth Rogen may very well be the standout as Paul, however: he's doing little more than playing himself in alien form, but this is one of Rogen's more likeable characters, and he packs in a surprising amount of emotion. Would this film be better with Pegg/Frost working under Edgar Wright? Most likely, but as it stands, Paul is a pretty good time with plenty of laughs to be had.

Barry G (it) wrote: Really good movie. I was actually an extra in it when they filmed a part of it in Portrush, can't see me clearly but at least I can say I was in a movie.

James B (nl) wrote: easily one of the best sci-fi fantasies ever made (the show was just as good imo), and an absolutely brilliant take on what our future could, and probably will hold. this film should definitely be seen by anyone and everyone (especially if you liked the show). the chemistry of the cast is something dreams are made of, and it makes you wish it would never end. i am a die hard star trek fan, and i can honestly say, i would trade living in the star trek universe, for a lifetime on serenity with Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Kevin E (ru) wrote: Ricci is really good in this but theres not much more i can say. For me it wasn't that good a film and not one i would buy.

Just Jamie (de) wrote: anything about an artist, yeah! But i wouldn't have put up with his [email protected]#$

Jeffrey F (ca) wrote: There's something about Kei Sato's face that is so unrecognizable in this film. Only when I started doing some research did I realize I'd seen this guy in several other films. In Onibaba he's so sleazy! Perfectly sleazy, and just oozing with unsavory carnality. For me, he's what makes the film, perhaps it's because he epitomizes the environment that the characters are in, the world they have found themselves in. Kyoto has burned to the ground (though I believe the dates are mixed up a bit), and it's back to nature for everyone. Many Jidaigeki take place in far more organized, civilized circumstances. There are codes of conduct, and distinct pecking orders. This film, which takes place among the reeds, is an escape from that, and anything goes.


Jayakrishnan R (ru) wrote: 45%Saw this on 14/6/16It's undenyable that the film showcases a more realistic and authentic view of vampires, but like most of the Jim Jarmusch films, this one is also boring and slow paced. One more sad thing is that though realistic, the life of vampires is ultimately not worth it and one would feel happy that they can die and not be like these vamps.

Mark V (gb) wrote: Almost a perfect film. John Candy was one of those guys from the 80s movies that could make any comedy entertaining just being himself. My only fault with this movie is "I hated Bug!!! Why would John Hughes cast "the boy who could fly" in his movie. Lol. Something about that dude was generic and off putting. His face alone was enough to make me depressed.