The Story of Paul

The Story of Paul

A young man is checked into a mental hospital for unexplained reasons.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:psychiatry,  

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The Story of Paul torrent reviews

Frank A (fr) wrote: Great review of the DC Villains. It was nice to see a whole 2 hours just on this subject.

Matt M (it) wrote: Through a man's video journal, supposed to be his project for entering in a film school, and other amateur means, Brian de Palma shows the horrors brought by American in Iraq with the war by telling the story of the rape and murder of a teenage Iraqi girl. Though the film would have been a good protest against the American cause, the amateur like style he employs is sloppy and makes the whole thing hard to watch. It's not the first time De Palma's style becomes too overwhelming.

Johannes S (mx) wrote: So bad it's almost funny.

Sanna P (au) wrote: Koskettava dokkari, joka kertoo afrikkalaisista naisista jotka haluaa taistella kyllisten oikeuden puolesta.

Adam R (ru) wrote: A failure in general. It's a sleazy movie that isn't even watchable. (First and only viewing - Late teen years)

Logan R (mx) wrote: Awsome Storyline, and great acting, makes for a first class movie.

Chloe C (ag) wrote: This again was something dad encouraged me to watch when I was about 5! I don't even remember much about it other than the pigs freaked me out and I was traumatised when Boxer got sent to the glue factory!

Monny M (de) wrote: Saw this with the kids. Better than the first two. Kids enjoyed it, but had to explain a lot.

CJ C (mx) wrote: Very tame, boring even for an 80s flick.

Janette R (gb) wrote: A typical divorce story, maybe even more civil than some.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: A very good movie, re-watch to understand it more, enjoyable.